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  • "Green Ischia" -- As Bill the Cat would say.... Pfffffftttttthhhhhh

    Waiting for three years for this sucker to bear fruit. Finally get some to stay on the tree and ripen. Picked the first one today but instead of a nice red interior it was yellow! Very tasty, but not the variety I had hoped for. Now Im wondering if it should stay (and the research can begin on trying to figure out what is really is...) or if I should free up some groundspace for a known variety...

    A good fig, though. And a pretty tree ... maybe she'll get a reprieve...

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    Hard to say get rid of it if it is a good fig, until you run out of room and all of the others are better, despite the lack of ID
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    • figpig
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      Its a white ischia. There good and get even better at 5 years. Figs get really big and sugar is really concentrated. Lots of rain no worries still sweet with strong flavor

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    Give it some time amico. Sometime fig like vino. Gets better with time. You waited 3 year for 1 fig. Maybe one more year for best fig.
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      Wasn't it said somewhere that the color of the pulp can vary based on location and amount of sun? Maybe age too. I'm not sure if your yellow interior was still within the realm of reason for it to be what you thought, but maybe future ones!

      I don't have Green Ischia but others might be able to help you out. I do have a few other green figs with red centers like Strawberry Verte and Adriatic JH, can send you a cutting or two when it's pruning time if your Green Ischia doesn't prove to be true to type and you're interested.
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      • Darkman
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        Frank (FMD) has Green Ischia and speaks highly of it. Maybe he can talk about it's pulp color. Whatever color his is it is great tasting!

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      I saw this exact same problem occur for Pino up in Canada, maybe you should contact him, its possible you both got the GI from the same source.
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        Definitely not a Green Ischia. Here is a Green Ischia breba I picked tonight. The main crop is even darker red.

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          Here is the pulp of last year's main crop.

          And a video of the breba..

          Green Ischia (UCD) Breba: https://youtu.be/DDVikdCejOc
          Youtube: PA Figs eBay: tdepoala
          Wishlist: Galicia Negra, Paritjal Rimada, Black Ischia UCD