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  • Here it is. First one.

    Here is my first fig from an unknown variety.

    It tasted pretty good. Sweet but not overly sweet with a kind of melon like flavor. I guess it's what you would call jammy with a little bit of crunch from the seeds.

    The tree was propagated from cutting in 11/2014 and grown inside until around April. Hardened to the outside and placed in a 5 gallon SIP on 05/09/15.

    The fig emerged around 03/19/15 while under fluorescent grow lights. 118 days to ripen. Swelled to a little bit bigger than my thumb and stayed green with a closed eye until about a week ago. Then started turning yellow to brown with a little cracking and sap bleeding and the eye started to open a little so you could see the pink inside.

    It's been fairly cool and rainy here this year in Ohio. Max temp of 91F and only 5 days above 89F. Avg high 75F, Avg low 55F, Actual Avg Temp 65F, Total Precip 17" between April 1st and now.

    Anyone happen to know what variety it is?

    Thanks for looking.
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    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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      Great job Don!!
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        Looks good! Good job on keeping the stats.
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          Great looking fig Don. Well done waiting for the right moment to pick. It looks perfect! Yum.


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            Round 2.

            The second round of figs is starting to ripen on this tree. They ripened in 3 months (from 06/11/15) outside instead of the 4 months of the first one that I pulled in July which was grown half inside and half out.

            I picked one a little less ripe this time to see the difference between the two. The less ripe one was a little firmer with just a little less sweetness/flavor. I probably wouldn't have noticed a difference in taste if I didn't taste them side by side. I would have noticed the texture though.

            These two seemed to have more of a strawberry rather than melon flavor in the 1st and seemed to be sweeter than I remember.

            ​I'm a bit surprised that these were much smaller than the first one. About half the size. I double checked to make sure that the first one wasn't a breba. Not sure what to make of the size difference. Maybe because the tree has more figs to ripen than just one?

            ​Anyone have any thoughts on what variety this might be?
            Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste