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  • Your 5 favorite figs.

    Might as well have our first 'favorite figs' thread. I used to love reading these lists to see which varieties I wanted to try.

    My favorites are based on taste alone, but your reasons could be different.

    In no particular order.

    UCD Black Ischia
    Violette Sollies
    Col de Dame Blanc
    Adriatic JH
    Ronde de Bordeaux

    Honorable mention:
    Black Triana/St Jerome
    Marius' Unk Negretta

    I've no doubt forgotten some.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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    Gina, it seems to vary from year to year, however off the top of my head...

    These are my huge crop perennial favorites
    1. MBVS
    2. San Donato Unk
    3. Green ischia
    4. RDB
    5. NJ Red Unk

    I've only had a limited number of the following figs but they are to die for

    1. Ponte Tresa Unk- hands down #1 ( see avatar)
    2. Smith
    3. CDDB
    4. Ischia Black
    5. Black Madeira Unk from the Island of Madeira
    Frank Tallahasee 8B
    North Florida Figs


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      Any five figs I have in my hands!!!
      Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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        1. Malone
        2. Adriatic JH
        3. Mavra sika
        4. Sodus sicilian ( only its first year fruit but very unique flavor)
        5.Longue d'Aout / RdB ( tie)

        Looking forward to a few new ones to hopefully give fruit this year


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          In 2014 :
          Ronde de Bordeaux
          JH Adriatic
          Maltese Falcon
          LSU Scott's Black
          Kerry - NH zone 5


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            My best at the moment:

            Colsanti Dark
            Danny's Delight

            Hope more of my trees will produced this year. Can't wait to taste panache
            Vincent Canada Québec zone5


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              Overall (and not in order):
              • Celeste (Houston)
              • MBVS (N.E. Austin)
              • Sanford (N.E. Austin)
              • Aldo (N.E. Austin)
              • Takoma Viiolet (Denver)
              This year I am hoping to propagate Celeste, MBVS, and Aldo (along with several others) to bring to Colorado. There are varieties which have been mentioned above that I will try for the first time this year. Looking at Kerry's list, I think my variety selection for Colorado is on track.
              Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
              N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.


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                Overall (and not necessarily in order):
                • Celeste (Houston)
                • MBVS (N.E. Austin)
                • Sanford (N.E. Austin)
                • Aldo (N.E. Austin)
                • Takoma Violet (Littleton)
                I am hoping to layer Celeste, MBVS, Aldo and others to bring to Colorado this year. There are others listed above which I have but not tasted. Judging by Kerry's list, I think I am on the right track with varieties I'm looking to grow in Colorado.
                Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
                N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.


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                  There was an earlier topic along these lines: http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...g-figs-of-2014

                  Top 5 in taste summer 2014:
                  Janice Kadota, Emerald Strawberry 143-36, Paradiso GM #9, Mount Etna Unknown, Malta Black
                  Next 6 in taste summer 2014:
                  Improved Celeste, Takoma Violet, Gino's Black, Marseilles Black, Negronne, Calverte
                  photos of the above: http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...?p=369#post369

                  Most all fig cultivars taste so great that productivity in this cold zone sets apart cultivars for me moreso than taste.
                  Top five most productive this past year:
                  Mount Etna Unknown, Marseilles Black, Improved Celeste, LSU Purple, Gino's Black
                  Tony WV 6b


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                    For me.....

                    In no particular order:

                    JH Adriatic
                    Pan E Vino Dark
                    Fiorone Ruvo

                    The last two were first year plants and were simply astounding, can't wait to try them this year.
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                      There was an earlier topic along these lines: http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...g-figs-of-2014
                      Opps... very true. The first few days the forum was up and running, I guess I was spending too much time figuring out how the place worked.
                      SoCal, zone 10.
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                        I didnt get to taste but a handful of figs last season. The 2 stand outs for me were Malta Black and Imp. Celeste. Scotts Black and Smith were okay for me but I only got 2 of each plant and they ripened during heavy rounds of rain so I believe they were a little diluted on flavor. The next few years will be the tell the tale on my varieties.



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                          Well... I always struggle with these kinds of "favorite" threads. Over on F4F, I think I answered with 6 or 7 for my "5 favorites", and felt badly to have left off a couple of others. This changes for me from year to year, because of how that year went for ripening, etc. But for 2014 I'd say (not in order)
                          • Mongibello (Hardy Chicago)
                          • Ronde de Bordeaux
                          • Aubique Petite
                          • Conadria
                          • aargh... would I say Petite Negri or Peter's Honey?
                          • aargh squared, how can I leave off Negronne and Frank's Fig Unknown?
                          OK, enough.
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                          Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


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                            My best tasting of 2014
                            Black Triana
                            LSU Tiger
                            Wishlist; Green Michurinska, St. Rita
                            Sarver, PA Zone 6A.


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                              Last year was pretty skimpy, but at least I got to try some for the first time ever...
                              1. Conadria
                              2. Panache
                              3. Black Mission
                              4. Texas Blue Giant
                              5. White Kadota
                              Faith, family, friends and figs. (Not necessarily in that order).


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                                For 2014 my 6 favourites were

                                Granthams Royal

                                Others that were excellent were LSU Tiger, LSU Jack Lily, Unknown, Nardi Blk, Aldo, Melanzana, Yugo Yellow
                                Dark Portuguese, Hardy Chicago, Maltese Falcon, Genovese Nero, Aubique Petite, Marva Sika, Ginoso, Nebo,
                                Mary Lane, LSU O'Rourke, Paradiso AF


                                • #17
                                  Kesariani (Black)
                                  Gino's Black
                                  Malta Black
                                  Black Madeira

                                  Notice anything ?
                                  newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


                                  • Gina
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                                    "Notice anything?"

                                    Lol, yes.

                                    Martin... Is that you???

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                                  Why, yes Martin, I do.


                                  • newnandawg
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                                    Man, you had me excited that Martin joined up!

                                  • Gina
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                                    Drats.. you beat me to it...

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                                  Actual picture of Mike
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                                    I have had a number of figs that have either fruited and never matured or just didn't have much taste. Black Madeira does not get enough heat here in MA. Negretta and RDB did ok but the taste didn't do it for me. About 80% of my figs never produced yet. Others are new and seem to have immature taste so far but potential.

                                    Off of what I have had so far:

                                    1 Unk Portuguese ( named Sangue Doce)- tastes like the freshest, juiciest nectarine
                                    2 Flatbush Dark- Find its taste to be nice balance of sharpness and sweetness
                                    3 Hardy Hartford- Rich and sweet- seem to melt in your mouth
                                    4 Unk Black Greek- Drys on the tree- Tastes like a raspberry- pop like candy
                                    5 Battaglia- best for eating deep into fall/Nov.- flesh is sweet even when still not fully ripe


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                                      Black Madeira does not get enough heat here in MA
                                      I'm not sure it gets enough heat in my part of coastal SoCal either. .. but then Madeira is an island so climate should be comparable. The few BMs that I've tasted have not been outstanding. But then the tree is still very young.
                                      SoCal, zone 10.
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                                        Geeezz just 5?

                                        Ronde de Bordeaux
                                        Blanche de Deux Saison
                                        Col de Dam Blanc
                                        Battaglia Green
                                        Saint Jerome


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                                          Ugh. If my RBD cutting croaks on me (and it has stalled out since potting up 2 weeks ago), I'm going to be all kinds of sad after reading these lists. RDB is in 2/3 of the posts. There's always next year if it does die on me though...
                                          Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


                                          • Yeehova
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                                            I might have an extra RDB soon. I am rooting 4 right now and they seem to be going strong. I would want to wait until they are a bit sturdier for shipping though.

                                          • brettjm
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                                            Yeehova, I certainly wouldn't say no, but we'll see how my little gnat infested, probably overwatered survivor does first. I am still hopeful to come away with some plants from this disaster I have created.

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                                          It is interesting that no expensive exotics come up in anybody's list. How about $$$ Galicia Negra, M. Beauty, Martinenca Rimada , etc?
                                          Will they be ever mentioned in a similar thread?
                                          USDA z 10a, SoCal. WL: Boysenberry Blush


                                          • newnandawg
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                                            Galicia Negra and Maltese Beauty are fairly new in these parts and wouldnt think many have tasted them. My young trees ripened just a few each
                                            which were fair but not mature enough to put into my top five and two expensive to dump this early.

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                                          green fig,
                                          Just a couple years ago Ronde de Bordeaux was expensive and very much in demand. It has turned out to be excellent, but I do agree with your observation as a lot of what folks have been paying absurd amounts for on Ebay have not impressed me yet and don't seem to have impressed others either. Ex, Maltese Falcon (1 vote) and Lebanese Red, etc.