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  • Kesariani 2015 Main

    This is a second year tree placed in ground May 2015. My previous two year old tree
    was in a five gallon pot last summer that was buried about 8-10 inches in ground. It
    produced what my wife and I thought was the best tasting fig of the year. That tree
    died over the winter in the garage.

    This tree (2nd tree) produced its first fig of the year. Unfortunately it does not have
    the flavor of last years, at least not yet. I am not saying it is bad by any means but
    comparatively speaking, it doesnt compare to last years. I still want to thank my
    friend Strudeldog for providing a replacement tree which I feel certain it will come up
    to the standards of my first tree. Lets hope so. It does have a nice berry flavor and
    somewhat jammy texture with just the slightest seed crunch. This one was about a 5 on a 1-10.
    Click image for larger version

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    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA

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    Looks yummy!
    Is it the same as Kesariani?
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      So whats a little spelling error.

      newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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        Mike is this fig in the varieties list in this website?
        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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          Rafael, no its not at this time. I personally do not have any history on it other than where
          I obtained it from who doesnt either except that it its Greek.
          newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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            This is what I know about the fig was obtained from Marius, who if I recall had not grown it himself yet at that time. When obtained listed as pretty big size,purple/black fig,red flesh,berry flavor"...from the city of KESARIANI,near ATHENS,GREECE It was offered as a unknown, and think there was a thread on F4F where it was labeled so I use that label.

            It's one of my favorite figs and is in my profile pic. Reminds me alot of Takoma Violet. Very vigrous grower productive and precocius. I beleive it's the only fig I have had produce on a 1st year cutting. I know several of you get figs on 1st year but I don't normally seem to push the growth many of you manage. I don't know about hardiness yet as mine was just planted out this year. Mike lost his in winter but it was garaged and doubt that was cold related, but as vigorous as it is I expect it to do well. Think as folks discover this fig it will impress.

            Mike, Last year I think you really liked it up here at my place, it was the prior season that you had off your original tree, that would have been from a 1st year cutting as well. Hope it improves back to where you want it. If you make it up here maybe try again as my birds don't seem to discovered figs like yours, but it's a few weeks off for me yet, all my figs are.
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            • Chrisk
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              Very nice and totally accurate info. Thanks for sharing Phill.

            • newnandawg
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              Phil, did not intentionally mislabel it a second year tree. That was just my thinking when I was
              up there last summer and you gave it to me. I forgot to take the pic of Takoma Violet this
              evening. Will try to get that done tomorrow.You are also correct about the Kesariani not dieing
              from the cold in the garage. Probably lack of water or some other issue. It was great at your
              place as well.

            • strudeldog
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              Not mislabeled. It's last year's airlayer so I think you are right in calling 2nd year tree. I know my taste from my 1st year cutting was only ok, but the next year she rocked. Whenever you get the T.V. pic is fine. I really enjoyed stopping by last week was a good break from my strike duty training. I don't make it down there very often. I spent my off time Friday cruising old Atlanta Neighborhoods looking for fig trees, but no luck

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            Very nice Mike. Kesariani is a suburb of Athens ( just like Phil stated above) and very close to where I was born and Grew up. It is a very historic town and it's worth a Google search. It will put owning this fig tree to a different prospective. Thanks for sharing.