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  • My best tasting figs of 2014

    Let's not let the cold temps bring us down.
    While I haven't tasted the best of the best (yet), I'd like to share the most memorable figs of 2014 for me. Again, I haven't tasted a ton of varieties, so keep that in mind.
    • Preto
    • Gino Black
    • Atreano (not shown)
    • Longue d'Aout
    • Ronde d' Bordeaux

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    Frank ~ zone 7a VA

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    My best Tasting figs of 2014.

    Beers Black
    Violette de Bordeaux
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    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Wow that's a tough one. My top five are:
      1 Genovese Nero
      2 I258
      3 Preto
      4 Black Madeira
      5 JH Adriatic
      I had a bunch more that were also awesome!
      Western Pa -6a


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        Top 5 in taste summer 2014: Janice Kadota, Emerald Strawberry 143-36, Paradiso GM #9, Mount Etna Unknown, Malta Black
        Next 6 in taste summer 2014: Improved Celeste, Takoma Violet, Gino's Black, Marseilles Black, Negronne, Calverte
        Improved Celeste, Malta Black, and the Mount Etna strains (Takoma V., Gino's B., Marseilles B., and M.E. Unknown) ripened the earliest in the season and/or at the youngest age and/or most productively here in zone 6.
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        Tony WV 6b


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          Last year was a cold summer and most figs tasted terrible. Salem Dark was a real standout for great taste. Hardy Chicago and 1 out of 3 Malta Blacks were good as well. Most of my plants never fruited.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


          • AscPete
            AscPete commented
            Editing a comment
            I had a similar problem with most of the cultivars last season, not warm or sunny enough to develop sweet jammy pulp flavors. There were a few that were mediocre, but the 4 listed above developed very good flavor and texture, the VDB didn't lose any flavors due to the cold and was just very good.

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          Some of the best for me for 2014 were :
          Ronde de Bordeaux
          JH Adriatic
          Maltese Falcon
          Col de Dame Noir
          LSU Scott's Black
          Kerry - NH zone 5


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            Some of the best for me were:

            Unk 2001 A14 from Bills Figs
            Texas Blue Giant
            Raspberry Latte

            I had some others but they were still very young and not too special yet.
            NC Zone 7a-b