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  • So today I came home to some cuttings where the leaves just shriveled up and fell off

    So today I came home to 2 cuttings where the leaves just shriveled up and fell off.. I've been acclimating them for almost 3 weeks. How bad is the permanent damage ?
    Zone 6a Orange County NY

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    if the tips stay green then you might be able to salvage them. That happened to me last year and I moved the cutting back to a more favorable location put a bag over it to maintain humidity and a new leaf started to emerge in a few weeks.

    I hope you can salvage your cuttings.

    If not there are plenty of enablers here that might help replace them come the fall.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      So even if roots didn't suffer but leaves died they might not make it? My little trees I nursed
      Zone 6a Orange County NY


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        Most likely the leaves died because something happened to the roots. Too wet - rot. Too dry. Larva from fungus gnats. Fate of the Fig Gods.
        But it is worth it to give them a little time if there are green buds
        SW PA zone 6a


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          The potting mix was moist... The sun hit them to hard I guess. I'll give them a chance..
          Zone 6a Orange County NY


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            I've had cuttings drop all their leaves and then months later sprout again. Don't count it as a loss yet.

            Just baby it again and it may yet pull through. If the tips are still green then that is a good sign.

            If the green turns to brown or starts rotting then you might have to cut your losses.

            But sometimes if you cut away the rot, the fig will sprout from lower on the stem.

            I had 1 cutting this year sprout a stem and root at the bottom of the cutting. No leaves emerged anywhere else on the stem. I though it was dead and pulled it out of it's pot only to see the roots and stem at the base of the cutting. I replanted it a little higher in the pot so the stem could get some light and it's doing ok now. Slow but steady.

            Good luck.
            Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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              Keep them in morning sun only, give them a chance. Just keep taking care of them like you have. I had a few drop leaves when i brought them outside, in just a week or two they started growing again. I slowly moved them into full sun and they are just fine now.

              Never give up, they just may surprise you.
              Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

              “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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                They weren't important ones. I mean I take care of all of them but I could have given it to someone. But I'm just surprised they were so sensitive.
                Zone 6a Orange County NY


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                  If the soil isn't too wet and the leaves fell off because of sunscald just keep watering as needed and fertilize with houseplant strength fertilizer. New leaves will come out quickly. Leave it in the sun and the new leaves will have no trouble.
                  Bob C.
                  Kansas City, MO Z6


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                    When it comes to sun/humidity/heat sensitivity, I feel like the baby cuttings with thinner leaves are more susceptible. The Raspberry Lattes started drooping after just a few minutes out of the humidity chamber while I was admiring their leaves. Later on, they had to be babied and eased into lower humidity using increasing holes snipped in the bag covering them in full shade for many weeks. Then it was another ordeal easing them into partial shade. On the other end of things, Sultane cuttings came straight out of the humidity chamber and into warm shade with no signs of distress, and having a bag on or off them for humidity didn't seem to matter.
                    Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


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                      If they were perfect looking day before and next day wilt and fall off. Overwatered. Happen to me many times. Stick finger in soil if very wet you can try repot in dry soils and see. But majority time happen to me it's done once it do tis. But again was MY experience. Maybe you post photo.
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