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  • First F Preto

    I was babying a lot to get to this condition and then today, when went to check on the fig, it was on the floor. It fell off ... Almost gave me a heart attack ! Lol
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    And no critter got it? You're very lucky. How did it taste?
    Bob C.
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      Looks good
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        It tasted close second after Panachee. Not as sweet as a Golden Celeste but rich and jammy texture. Was quite good but I need more to fully appreciate the flavor
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          Igor I notice that of all the figs in my collection, the one that simply detaches most easily from the tree without any pulling or cutting is Preto. So maybe thats why it fell of like that. It is a delicious fig, give it time.
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          • cis4elk
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            Rafael, how is your Panachee compared to your Preto when everything ripen well?

          • Rafaelissimmo
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            Cal I am still waiting for first Panachee to ripen, but I have had them ripe commercially. If you get a good one, dead ripe, it is an excellent fig. However, it just does not present the rare, complex flavor of a Preto. I still rank Preto as my No. 2 fig behind Smith.

          • cis4elk
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            Thanks, good feedback.

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          Looks delicious! Nice work.
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            There is no 5 sec rule for figs. If it's not petrified you eat it, if it is petrified you still try
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            • F. Bennett
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              So true, Phil. Haha

            • greenfig
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              Lol! Yeap!

            • COGardener
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              I'm in!

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            Igor that looks awesome.