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  • zone5figger
    I like redneck, hillbilly solutions.

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  • rusty hooks
    commented on 's reply
    Another theme for the Red Green Show....."orchard protection"

  • Erick
    I've seen in some posts that alma needs some heat to ripen properly. I was just wondering if some of you that have alma would let me know how yours does and what zone your in. Thanks

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  • nkesh099
    In past, I've used a small piece of duct tape to seal the eyes of Conadria and Sals Corleon- works just fine.

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  • don_sanders
    Yet another use for duct tape. :-)
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  • Harborseal
    The only bad thing is if the glue on the tape affected the taste of the fig.

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  • jmaler
    Cleaver. Be careful...the way fig naming conventions go Alma may become known as the Redneck fig.

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  • m5allen
    started a topic Redneck ant blocker

    Redneck ant blocker

    Check out my redneck ant blocker (painter's tape). I had one of these Almas just starting to ripen last week and found tiny ants were crawling into the eye. The eye is somewhat open on this fig and the torrential rain these past 2 weeks is only making it open even more.

    Seriously though, is it bad to close up the eye on a ripening fig? Does the fig need the eye to "communicate" with environmental conditions?

    I ordered some tanglefoot on Amazon, but until it arrives, this is my interim solution.

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