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  • Dottato Nero / Black Kadota

    I've been looking through my trees showing them a little love, looking for fig progress. I've found quite a few little figlets. But when I came to my Dottato Nero, aka the Black Kadota, I came across this bad boy! I haven't tasted one of these before, so I'm pretty excited. Anyone taste these? How are they?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Looking good! It looks like it'll be a nice large fig.
    Kate - on acreage in a subtropical/warm temperate growing region in south-east Queensland, Australia


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      Dottato Nero is similar to Palermo red (Aldo), but not as big and hardly ever splits for me. It has a much tighter eye. I never get breba, though, because mine is in the ground.


      • nunuorig
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        How does it taste? It looks yummy!

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      It’s a sugar fig. I think it’s refreshingly sweet and kind of mild. There isn’t a real distinct, unique figgy flavor, but is pretty dependable and certainly productive.


      • eboone
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        Bill, our earlier discussion with Art seemed to suggest that what we had may have been Art’s Chiappetta fig thru someone else’s error. Do you think that is the case? I know my Dottato Nero looked just like my Chiappetta. I donated my Dottato Nero to someone excited about getting fresh figs for the first time, who wasn’t worried about what it was

      • Bigbill
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        Hi Ed. I did get both my chiappetta and dottato nero from Art a few years ago. However, chiappetta is definitely a weird variety that has some really interesting shaped breba. The main crop looks kind of like a sugar fig as well, but even the flavor/leaf shape, ripening time etc is different from dottato nero. I certainly prefer chiappetta overall but also wonder if it is an EBT variant. I certainly wouldn’t categorize dottato nero as an EBT. It reminds me a lot of Palermo red ( Aldo) without the split. I know Phil Kobal ( the finder of dottato nero- from speaking with him) believed it was unique. I don’t know if it helps. I’ll try to post a pic of the comparison pics tomorrow after I get some sleep.

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      Looking very good.
      Maryland Ellicott City Zone 7A