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  • Auto scroll?

    Is there a way to configure my account to auto scroll to older posts to the point where I left off?

    For example, if there are 30 posts in a thread when I last opened it and then there are three more posts. It will open back up at post 30 do I don't have to scroll back through again.

    I know some forums have that feature but I couldn't find it here.

    Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado

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    Don, just to the left of the subject there is a small down arrow. Click on that.
    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


    • fitzski
      fitzski commented
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      is there anyway to make that icon larger? on my small tablet, it takes many tries to hit the arrow.

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    I'm glad it not just me.
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      Come on guys. ... I can hit it on my phone.

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      • fitzski
        fitzski commented
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        it could be that my tablet is 'old' or that my fingers are too fat
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      • eboone
        eboone commented
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        I can only hit it on my phone about half of the time, and then it takes up to a few taps.
        And my fingers ARE old, too, but not fat...

      • COGardener
        COGardener commented
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        It is a bit challenging on the phone, I have a Galaxy 3, so an older phone as well. I also have an otter box Defender on it, it covers a little of the edge of the screen, so even harder yet.

        Additionally, age is relative only to the observer.

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      When you guys upgrade your devices consider ones with a stylus.
      i have a galaxy note 10.1. Fingers just don't do it for me. Now that i have become used to the stylus for me it's the only way to go.
      Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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        Ah, never noticed it before. It is a little hard to hit on the phone but it helps.

        Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Sucrette UCD, Rubado


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          I am glad I am not alone too, it is the most ignored and very useful invisible feature on the site.
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