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  • vasilika sika (stella not)

    I figured I'd start another thread so I didn't have to ninja up or hijack someone else's thread. I got this vasilika sika from Vasile (herman2) last season I beleive and put it in ground this season. I was wondering if anyone else has this vasilika sika and can compare it to the other one, the leaves are very different. I only got one ripe fig from my tree and it has great potential, the fig was kind of small but that can be cause its young and hasn't been in ground long. The other vasilika sika or stella looks very tempting but if the one I have turns out to be similar there is no need.
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    Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b

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    It is more like Battaglia Green than Dalmatie, but not the same as BG. I have an unknown VS Id'd as VS... Easton Vasilika. It made a couple breba for the first time,they were really good. Also got a great deal on Vasilika Sika cuttings last fall from VS and his plant looks exactly like mine. Click image for larger version

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    I have Stella but my trees have been shy to produce fruit, looks like I will get a chance to try this season though.


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      This photo should be hanging on a wall.

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      Thanks guys I cleaned the lens for this one

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    Thanks, I guess I have to get a stella, or another vasilika sika now, lol.
    Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b