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  • eboone
    Wonder if they spray before the brebas form, or once they are hanging on the branch?

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  • Tonycm
    It might be worth a try on Pastiliere, since it's famous for dropping it's figs.

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  • TylerJ
    That is interesting.....GA is said to have the ability to set fruit by inducing parthenocarpy (seedless fruit formed without pollination).

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  • jmaler
    started a topic Gibberellic Acid for Breba Drop

    Gibberellic Acid for Breba Drop

    On another post reference was made to this website in a discussion about Noire de Caromb. http://www.galgoni.com/ENG/Fotos_Maxi/016.htm

    Noticed at the bottom of the French website "This variety may be sprayed with giberelic acid to avoid the breva’s fall off."

    My Texas White Everbearing drops brebas ever year. I may give it a try next spring.

    Have any of you tried this to keep brebas from dropping?