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  • Sweet George breba

    Finally, my 3rd and final breba from Sweet George is good! Maybe another would have been ideal, but 2" of rain blew through it was splitting a little this morning. Tasty but a little watery as to be expected.

    My first one was picked too early due to bird damage and the 2nd was stolen (squirrel?). Hopefully it becomes more productive with age, 2 years old now. Only 3 breba ripened and only a couple main crop will too, it looks like.
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    Sweet George (esp Marius source) is a great addition to a collection!
    Greg Luchak
    N.W. Arkansas - Zone 6b


    • Kelby
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      This is from Marius, not sure if it's at all different from Gorgi's.

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    I have no idea as to the lineage of mine, I got it from Andy.

    I had one breba on it this spring and carelessly knocked it off doing the spring shuffle.

    Like many others I'm excited about next year.
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