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  • Rafaelissimmo

    Nice crop. Nice selection. Glad to see this.

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  • mountainfigs
    They all look great. Other than Nordland and O'Rourke, they all look like Mt Etna figs. Don't know that they are and not saying that they are but they all have that look.

    The Nordland looks really interesting. Can really see the heavy texture and richness that you describe.

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  • newnandawg
    Almaria could very well be Hardy Chicago. Will wait a while before final determination.

    St. Rita is first figs for me and I am like you was expecting to knock my socks off
    on first fig. Didnt do it but will give it a while since it is now in ground. Hope yours
    does well also.

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  • strudeldog

    I think Dark Greek was his brother's favorite, not sure but have note that Lou P was the source I just wanted to ID which one I have for folks as think a couple out there.

    And pretty much same on the others. Almaria was ok but I have others so similar do you think it's maybe Chicago Hardy? Only had 2 figs from it, but leafs seem close.

    On Saint Rita I still have high hopes based on others reports. I went down a couple paths before I got her. One involved a ebay purchase on New Years eve. Not a wise decision, but a learning process. that one has not fruited but I have it labeled Satan Rita

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  • newnandawg
    Phil, I believe the Dark Greek was Rafed's favorite fig either because he got it from his
    brother or was his brothers favorite. Can't remember.

    Almaria, not impressed here.

    Dominicks, inconsistent.

    St. Rita, not as good as hoped. At least not yet.

    Just wanted to compare yours and my notes. LOL

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  • don_sanders
    Looking good

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  • Chrisk
    Very strong lineup Phil. Thanks for sharing.

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  • strudeldog
    started a topic Some New to me 8-5-2015

    Some New to me 8-5-2015

    Either my 1st or 2nd taste of most these figs

    Dark Greek Very good, maybe it was because the 1st to touch my lips today, but it impressed. I know there are more than one labeled Dark Greek. I won this in a Superbowl game from Rafed, my notes state from Lou P.

    Nordland Very good heavy texture meaty and rich tasting

    Natalina Not Impressed 1st fig very dark skin but lacking and bland hope it improves

    Almaria Nice fig probably a MT Etna that lost it's identity at some point.

    Dominick's Ok today, couple days ago was better fig, think I took this one early

    O'Rourke I had last year but improved in taste this year this fig looked a little diff but was wonderful today

    St. Rita Pretty good 1st fig ever, one of those that avoided me for awhile so my expectations were high I think it will still get there.

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