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  • Soft figs while green question

    The really hot and humid weather the last month has been a real stress. My HC figs turned a little soft during that time while fully green, but are now starting to change to a dark color and droop a little. Do you think the figs will still be good. I planted it last spring when it was around 18" tall in a pot that is approximately 10 gals. It is around 3 1/2' tall now. I have never had a fresh fig and hoping they have not been ruined. Thanks for all you help and advise.
    SW MO Zone 6a

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    If they're swelling, drooping and turning color they're starting to ripen. Hopefully they'll be great. You'll want to protect them from critters and wait until they're hanging totally limp before picking them. A photo will help confirm what I'm thinking.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


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      Thanks Bob. Here is a pic of two ripening. My question is should they have been soft and not firm 3 weeks ago during the really hot humid conditions. These have turned and starting to droop so are getting ripe. I was concerned that by turning soft weeks ago while green wasn't a good sign. I am new, so just don't know what to expect. Thanks Bob.
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      SW MO Zone 6a