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  • Brunswick main 2015.

    08/07/15 . It took a long wait to harvest the first anxiously awaited Brunswick / Magnolia or what this thing is. I bought two of them on spring 2015 from Home Depot. They were marked as Celeste with the typical Photo of a Peters Honey that said "fig" hanging on one of the limbs. From the look of the first buds and fat little stumpy looking brebas I knew it was something different so I bought one. A couple of weeks later and after those very cool long fingered leaves started to sprought I went back and found the last one ,fallen over with half of the dirt gone and roots showing. Most new growth had been frozen burned by the last few cold nights we had(mine was in the shed) so I did the "right thing" handed over $26.00 and saved the poor thing from certain death. They both turned out to be what I ID as a Brunswick. Got about 30 figs that first year from bothie total and about 30 from each one hanging on this year . This variety is one that takes the longest to ripen .maybe 110 days or so. A lot of members do not speak highly of it because of the splitting and souring issue in most humid environments (I did witness it at LSU with their Magnolia)but it has been excellent for me here in GA and this years first fig was better than expected or remembered from last season. Way tastier than the one Breba I got this year although about half the size. The other figs are CH and they get a solid 8 out of ten. We give my Bruns a solid and very conservative 9 out of ten. Both sweet and figgy, no seed crunch( almost seedless )but a very nice skin Crunch almost like eating a perfectly ripe peach with a hint of melon ,overall a very balanced flavor. To me it's the perfect combination of a dark and light fig in one package. Thanks for reading.
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    from a new found Brunswick tree found yesterday at a new friends back yard. It matches my Brunswick trees in every aspect except interior color. Mine are honey/Amber looking and these are clearly Red. Even taste is very similar. Only problem with this tree is that the figs sour if not picked at the right time. Otherwise very sweet with a good seed and skin crunch.
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      I have a Brunswick rescued from a neglected yard. It gave one fig last year and I was really surprised how much I liked it! My tree is in a pot and I'm hoping keeping it in a pot will reduce the likelihood of it splitting and souring. This year there are 4-6 figs and I can't wait to see if I still like it this year too.
      Von, Northern VA 7a