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  • Hi from NYC

    Some of you might have read this from another forum. Updated a little. Here it goes:

    Hi. I'm Danny, a member from F4F and Bountiful Figs. It's nice to have another place to go.

    Have been interested in figs since I was a young boy. I always remember eating figs from my Great Grandfather's tree in the Bronx. Lots of good family memories surround that tree and I think of that place often. Grew some figs in the early 90's but lost what I had due to moving, work obligations, etc. Always dreamed of having a few hardy, solid fig trees and being able to come home from work, kick back and enjoy a few fresh ones.

    Fast forward 20 something years and here I am retired and collecting figs. I've been 'figging' for a few years now and there are currently over 40 varieties growing in pots, something I never knew that I could do. Some are indoors now for the winter and most are outside. There is one in-ground for 6 years and she just started to give us good fruit last year. There are over 100 healthy trees neatly stacked in the heated shed, and I love it! I can't remember anything that has given me more peace than taking a summer stroll passed the fig trees that line our small Staten Island yard, with my youngest son. "How's that one doing Daddy? How about that one? How about that one? How about that one?" Puts a smile on my face every time.

    The knowledge I've obtained that helps to expand my collection and keep it healthy comes from the good people that make up these fig communities. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to learning more, contributing to this new forum and wish the founding members good luck in the venture.
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    Danny; NYC Z7b

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    Welcome Danny,
    Looking forward to continuing our fellowship in this new Fig Community....
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b