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  • Cat Figs

    6 Ronde de Bordeaux, 2 Lattarula, 1 Improved Celeste. Great tastes all. Except 1 RdB picked early. A third primo Lattarula was devoured by human impatience prior to photo. Chuckles the cat guards the figs:
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    Tony WV 6b

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    Ahhhh, excellente Tony. Beautiful plate of figs and Chuckles looks awesome too. Thanks for sharing.


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      Looks nice. What would we do without ours cats. I hope they don't go union and walk
      You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 1 photos.
      Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


      • Chrisk
        Chrisk commented
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        True statement Phil. Just keep feeding them and who knows... They might stay. Lol

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      Nice display (s) of figs guys.

      Love the cats. I have 2 house cats and three barn cats, so I guess you might call me a cat fig person as well.
      Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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        Looks good! Figs are alright, too, I guess.
        SE PA
        Zone 6


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          Greg Luchak
          N.W. Arkansas - Zone 6b


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            New respect for Lattarula. Smooth honey drops.

            OT: Is White Marseilles a synonym for Blanche/Lemon? Has anyone observed? For me, Petals from the Past Blanche/Lemon has seemed no different from their White Marseilles.

            Chuckles, there is no getting rid of him. He was a skin and bones stray who moved in and grew plump. He conducts constant surveillance on all people, critters, and things. He is like a dog who needs to be in the middle of the action. If he doesn't get what he wants, or simply feels temperamental, he bites, or nips, and may give a silent open mouth hiss, like a little would be demon. It looks both spooky and pathetically absurd. He rarely breaks the skin when nipping, and is otherwise extremely sociable. He is learning the meaning of No. Our other cat, also a stray, is far more ghostlike and comes and goes, mostly goes, at her leisure. She and Chuckles have an uneasy truce, occasionally violated.
            Tony WV 6b


            • eboone
              eboone commented
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              Do you think those Lattarula were completely ripe? I am watching the first ones on my 2nd year tree, and two have just gotten plump and soft and look yellower than the ones you displayed. Expect to pick them in next few days when they droop.

            • mountainfigs
              mountainfigs commented
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              Totally ripe. Practically liquid. My Lattarula droop little or not at all, even if dead ripe. And the stems hang on tightly to the branches. They will go past the dead ripe stage and start to rot while still hanging tightly onto the tree. Yours sound ripe to me: 'plump and soft'.

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            Tony nice plate of figs. The cats get a thumbs up from me. No better bird deterrent in nature.
            Zone 10b, Miami, FL