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  • "Russo's Italian Ukn. by Terry"?

    Does anyone know which fig ChrisK was describing from the LSU fig day? It must be pretty special if it was bigger and better than Smith.
    Originally posted by Chrisk View Post
    Hey y' all. Nice topic. At the LSU fig day everyone was level on the Smith. Best tasting if it's ripe enough. I wouldn't call it ugly. It looks like an unripe green fig so you have to check for softness when it's time to pick. Flavor is just outstanding figgy and with a nice thick almost honey like texture and with a taste that lingers in your mouth and your brain even after you eat twenty other various figs back to back. The next close seconds were Hunt and Champane. I also found a perfectly ripe Chicago Hardy that made our eyes roll ( I split every fig with Mrs K ). I don't know if the spelling is correct but Russo's Italian ukn by Terry was another knockout fig. Right up there with the Smith if not better only larger and darker . Thanks for sharing those wonderful figs Terry. Any cuttings this fall?
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