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  • Reputation meter.

    There have been some questions on the reputation meter (grey lines under your avatar) so thought I would look in to it. The meter is working as intended. If you hover the cursor over the bars it will give you a message about that user reputation. The big confusion seems to be on how that reputation "score" is calculated. It has nothing to do with post count, it rises when people click "like" on the posts. Once you get enough "likes" the meter starts to rise and the red lines appear, two at a time.

    Not all "like" clicks are equal though. A member who has been here longer and has more posts and more reputation that person clicking like on someones post makes the "like" count go up faster. Moderators also have more of a impact if they click "like". I'm going to change the parameters a bit.
    Register Date Factor
    For every X number of days, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Post Count Factor
    For every X number of posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Reputation Point Factor
    For every X points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Minimum Post Count
    How many posts must a user have before his reputation hits count on others?
    Minimum Reputation Count
    How much reputation must a user have before his reputation hits count on others?
    Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern

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    Very neat! I'll add a 'like' to this post.
    Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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      I can see the like button being used a whole lot more now.

      If post = power.... we all need to Fabio to like our posts!!!
      Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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        Right now the poster with the highest impact on the meter other than mods is Hershell Hershell has the highest reputation score so far of everyone including me and the mods, but don't tell him that it will give him a swelled head.

        Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


        • COGardener
          COGardener commented
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          Hershell.... the man with the power!!!!!

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        I don't understand tis

        I also use iPhone. No pc so maybe I can not check my meter?
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          Wills, you do have a pretty spectacular aura about you.

          Me, I'm just not trustworthy it seems. Heck, I'm still a junior member despite being the 6th person to join this lovely forum!

          ps. I kid! Please don't change my name or give me a funny member status. Or do. I'm not sure...
          SE PA
          Zone 6


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            LOL, better watch out Kelby.
            This is kinda neat, I was wondering what the bar was for. I thought it was the level to the next member status.
            Mike, you don't have any extra marks yet. But it says you will get some soon enough.
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              Apparently I got the sympathy vote. Lol something is wrong with my darn hat
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              • Kelby
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                I'll give you a like for that.

              • Hershell
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                Thanks Kelby!

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              Since this is the a "Virtual Community" Reputation is programmed....
              Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                Since I wear a fig dunce hat most of the time, It is highly unlikely that I will earn any bars for anything I say in the future. This is like being chosen last for the ole friendly fig ball game.


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                  I "like" everyone of you guys/gals!!!
                  Randall - Flomaton, Al. zone 8. https://www.youtube.com/c/FlomatonFamous


                  • Whiterk
                    Whiterk commented
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                    Is there a way to see who pressed the "like" button?

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                  feels like school all over again. pick me pick me! pass