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  • Figo Preto

    This is the first of the season. A bit smaller than the norm and not shaped like the typical Preto/Black Madeira. It was pretty good. Not as good as I know they will be.
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    Western Pa -6a

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    Looks good, Art. I hope mine turn out half as good as last year. My avatar is of Preto.
    Frank ~ zone 7a VA


    • kubota1
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      Thanks Frank. Your avatar is how I'd like them to look.

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    Mine haven't been great yet this year, but that's coming. I have two Figo Preto and two Black Madeira that were planted in the orchard two years ago and I don't see anything to make me believe they are different from one another (except my one tree of Black Madeira that is grafted is significantly larger).
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    • Oaken Rose
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      Are you going to be selling more of your grafted BM's this year?

    • HarveyC
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      No. Kenny came by and bought the last two.

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    Still looks pretty good.
    I don't have Preto yet but I do have BM and I258, I removed all the BM embryos this year so no fruit to compare but the leaves look the same. I left a single fig on I258 which ripened a couple weeks ago, looked like it was going to be my biggest fig yet but for some reason it mostly severed at the stem about a 5-6 days before being fully ripe. Resulted in an airey fig with no sugar, just like many store bought figs can be.
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      Art I had a Preto ripen 4 days ago, it was edible but not the high quality we expect.
      Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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        Just to be clear, Figo Preto = Preto, right?

        And you guys stink, the more I hear about this one the more I think I want to get it!
        SE PA
        Zone 6


        • kubota1
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        Art even if it's not as tasty as last years I'm sure it's still good!
        I'm confident that mine will ripen this year. Last year they started late and didn't have enough time to develop before our first frost. Keepin my fingers crossed.
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          Another one I'm hoping for in the next year or two.

          Art, you must have one heck of a collection!
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