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  • OT: Brash Deer or what the hay

    At 4:00 this afternoon on my way to the mailbox, I happened to look next door in my neighbors front yard. What do I see but Mom and youngsters having after school snack on my neighbors flowers. Cammie, the yorkie, growled meanly, barked as loudly as possible and the deer just looked. So I did my angry bear imitation and chased them down the street. Or rather they went to the corner, down two houses and walked into some conservation area. Just far enough to look back as if to say come in here and fight the mosquitos, spiders, snakes and chiggers to get us. Safe this time. Come Christmas, Santa can add these pests to his entourage.

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    150 yds out beyond the back yard is a feed plot on the back side of one of my pastures. Come first weekend in November, there will be venison in the freezers...probably rabbit and turkey, too. If the wild pigs my neighbor down the road has mentioned comes this way, pork as well.
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      I'm right there with you....I'm eyeing a few potential problems....as they eye my new orchard

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    ah yes wild porkies have also found their way into the neighborhood but not in my section. The community has a trapper who is trapping them for free. They act like a tractor in peoples yards. I can't figure out how all this wild life gets into the area because we are not out in the country. Deer jerky is very good.


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      Yeah...feral pigs are more destructive than any other form of wildlife...except maybe locust swarms.
      Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


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        Today a fox ran out in front of me as I was bicycling down the street in my neighborhood not far from my house. The nice thing about carnivoires is that they don't damage plants.
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          For the most part. Every year the feral cats in our neighborhood knock over a few of my seedling pots on my patio. But I figure a few tipped seedling pots and a destroyed catmint patch are a small price to pay for rodent control in the yard.
          I wish more foxes would visit my yard (and maybe off a few groundhogs while they're here). A few years ago, a couple of fox cubs would frolick on my patio in the early morning. It was kind of neat.

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        They great to have around fox. They eat what eat figs... I have family live infront my home In drain pipe. They eat rabbit πŸ˜‰
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          So...I put in a new orchard...in the midst of a drought...with everything barren and brown...and the deer looking for any form of nutrition they can find.....

          YOU THINK I'D KNOW, I KNOW CAPRINES AND THEIR APPETITES.......but no...I'm planting, feeding, watering...and all that beautiful, new green growth is showing up...right on schedule....

          ALONG WITH THE SCAVENGERS.......last night they hit my Osborne Prolific and a poor little 187-25

          now understand....they've been grazing all the weeds coming up around the figs....nicely groomed...kept at a respectable height....and of course....2 days ago I took the tractor out there and tilled under all their little weed friends...It's probably retribution for weed removal

          discouraging is putting it mildly...and of course....no deer fencing....duh

          The good thing....they're all doubles or more....so their relatives are under heavy lock, key and fence....but I thought I'd give it a try...and........ their roots are now set....so next year they'll be reasonably good growth............

          along with triple concertina wire, machine gun towers, and serious sound and water deterants
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