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  • New (to me) fertigation device


    There are 2 sizes, a 2 gal and a 3/4 gal for nearly the same price. It will dilute your solution to between 1:250 and 1:1000. Dyna-grow Grow is supposed to be diluted to between 1:1500 - 1:3000 so I dilute it with water 1:3 and fill the plastic container. Then 1:1000 is a little more dilute than suggested which makes it the perfect fertigation dose. If I want the final solution stronger I can dial it all the way up to 1:1000, which is stronger than I need for potted plants.

    In the reviews someone checked it with a TDS meter and it kept the proper dilution until it ran out of fertilizer. My TDS meter is on its way but so far it seems to be working well. You do have to have a backflow preventer upstream and you can't stop the flow of water from downstream (or the tank can burst even though it's quite solid).
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6

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    I looked at those also Bob, I think I will be going with the Mazzei injector.

    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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      I am going to have to get something like that I just spent 2 hours feeding with a 2 gal. watering can. Thanks for the post
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        AscPete, what do you use?
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Bob C,

          I use the hands-on approach

          I mix the water soluble fertilizer in 5 gallon buckets and apply with a large measuring cup.
          I also have an 80 gallon barrel with a bottom bulkhead fitting but I rarely use it.

          My primary fertilizer and amendments are dry, Espoma-tone, Dolemite Limestone, Ironite and Gypsum. The water Soluble fertilizers are used as supplements for older potted trees and only once in spring before bud break for in-ground trees. Its only used as primary fertilizer for rooted cuttings up to 1 gallon size and I rarely need more than 10 gallons of mixed fertilizer for these at any given time.
          Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b