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  • Cloner rooting hot tip

    So I have been using a cloner with aquastone to root for two seasons now. I also use other methods. As I have said many times, nothing is perfect. Here is something new I learned: sometimes I will put a cutting in the cloner and it will just sit there and do nothing. Sometimes, they rot, even when I make sure not to dip them deeper than above the surface of the water. These 2 cuttings just sat around almost a month and did nothing, one in the cloner and one in perlite. I had to trim both at the bottom a little, but that was ok since both were very long cuttings, live and non-dormant, a mix of old and new wood. I am no fan of water rooting. I put the cuttings in water in cups. Within a few days I had initials and even a bud breaking where there was just dormant wood. Now I can place them both in the cloner and roots will shoot out quickly. Of course I change the water in the cup daily and I put a dilution of rapid-start in the water.
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    Zone 10b, Miami, FL