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  • Breba ripening list

    For any of you all that may find this helpful or interesting this is when the 32 varieties of brebas ripened and how large they were -- and some were very large. Sorry about the format as the site keeps changing it from this point to the point I actually post it.
    Breba ripening list from mgginva;

    Florea 113g to 44g
    Filacciano Bianco 93g
    Sicilian Black 10g
    Morena 17g,
    Valle Negra 17g
    Batar Ta San Gwaan 88g
    Nero 600 44g
    Kathleen’s Black 53g
    Gillette 64g
    Saint Rita 51g
    Carini 39g
    Sal’s Corleone 50g
    Longue D’Aout 157g
    Petite Abique 36g
    Negronne 48g
    Saint Jerome 49g,
    Jolly Tiger 117g
    Texas Blue Giant 172g
    Col de Dame Noire 39g
    Mary Lane Seedless 22g
    Lebanese Red 125g
    Archipel 54g
    Skardu Black 47g
    Beall 45g
    White Genoa 30g
    Peter’s Honey 22g
    Texas White Everbearing 22g
    Morena #2 67g
    Saint Jerome #2 62g
    Acciano 87g
    Columbaro Nero 27g
    Capeles 107g
    Brooklyn White 41g
    Dauphine 36g

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    Hello Michael,

    Welcome back!

    Thanks for posting this breba ripening list.
    One question, What date did the plants start leafing out, bud break? or When were they taken out of storage and placed outside? Thanks.
    With that "start" date and the ripening dates the "timing" can be applied in almost any zone.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Nice list Michael. Thanks for sharing it with us.
      Calvin, Wish list is to finish working on the new house, someday.
      Bored? Grab a rake, paint roller, or a cordless drill and come over!


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        Thanks Pete its been a really slow recovery but I have figs to help out.
        thx Calvin

        Date figs went outside. Honestly I don't remember exactly but I usually take them out of the garage just after the last frost date -- never before -- so that puts the date at shortly after 4-28-2015. Back in the ole f4f days I did publish ripening lists for the main crop figs for 2013 and 2014 if you are interested. I haven't really had time to explore this site to see if there is a place for basic info storage.


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          Thanks Michael! From this list, any opinions on which you would prefer to keep the breba crop on and which you might want to remove the breba in order to favor pushing the main crop? Just curious if some have a much better quality main crop or have a main crop that ripens too late and therefore is better grown for its breba...that kind of thing.
          Greg, Maine, zone 5. Wish List: Green Michurinska


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            Michael, thanks for posting this good info.

            Good to see you back posting. I hope your health is improving.

            BTW, my Negretta is an excellent tasting fig. Thanks!
            newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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              I always love seeing your lists.
              Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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                Great list.

                Did you have any breba cultivars much more productive than the rest?
                Tony WV 6b


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                  Thanks for posting this. Of course I nearly zero brebas on my in-ground trees - an exception is Adriatic JH that had two. On my container trees most brebas dropped, even on varieties that you and others get brebas on - I'm not sure why. In some cases it is probably due to the relatively young age of the trees. I did get a few brebas on St. Rita and Lebanese Red.
                  D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
                  WL: Castillon, Fort Mill Dark, White Baca


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                    Thx folks.
                    As far as rating things -- I just don't do it for one simple reason - it doesn't work. As the condition, age, health, etc. of my trees is bound to be different from others I might be giving really poor advise.

                    I think we've all experienced a variety that is so good one year it just knocks you to your knees then turns around the next year and just begs to be the next in line for the burn pile.

                    I will say this; I was very surprised at the quality and flavor of nearly all of these figs and many of them were not very good last year. I changed my fertilizing this year as well as placing certain varieties in areas with more sun. Also as my collection is fairly young but also includes a couple dozen 12 year old trees and I wonder a lot about how age effects things as well as size of the tree compared to container size (all my trees live in pots).

                    I post my ripen lists to try and help folks when trying to decide on which varieties to buy as I think we all want to be able to harvest as long a period as possible. I also post so those folks in the colder zones can see what ripens early and what ripens so late those later varieties are bad choices.

                    This is the first beba list I've posted and I wasn't sure there would be any interest. I will post my main crop list for the third year in a row. I hope by then there is a section on this forum where info like that can be filed as just posting it means the info will fade away rather quickly.

                    I will say this about the brebas;
                    Morena had a very strong dark brown sugar taste that lasted for half an hour in my mouth and I was so impressed I emailed several friends about it.
                    Gillette was super sweet and very impressive and saved itself as I was ready to give up on this one.

                    Looking over the list there just weren't any bad ones and I really don't want to rate stuff -- which I just did on two of them so let me say this --172 grams!! Big ole Texas Blue -- that's less then 3 figs per pound!! I sell my figs to a very expensive and super award winning Inn and at the rate I charge them (they pick them up at my house) that fig would cost them over $3.50!


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                      May I ask how the Texas Blue Giant tasted? I've heard mixed reviews
                      Wish List: I don't even know at the moment. A mild winter for nice growth in the Spring I guess?


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                        You may have missed this thread:

                        I am sure others have input though.


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                          Bump! Like this list & could us a big expansion. Good stuff 🥳

                          Many with breba this year so seems an opportune time for a revival.
                          wnc Z7a Hominy Valley - fig sales at happyvalleyenv.com/shop