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  • Could Ourfigs do this?

    Is there a place within our figs where members could post what they have to exchange and what they are looking for?

    I was bitten by the fig bug in spring and since that time my selection process has developed greatly. In hind sight I would not of purchased some of the varieties I have and would have chosen a smaller quantity of more choice plants due to my limited space and climate.

    If i give them away to my none fig friends the risk of failure increases

    I have space for no more than 25 plants and would gladly combine some of my earlier purchases and cuttings to exchange for that one special "to me" plant.

    I am looking for JH Adriatic, CDDB, Florea, Excel, Brooklyn White, and a few others



    Really happy with what I have.

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    Generally you can just post what you're looking for and what you have available. Winter time is when lots of cuttings are exchanged, traded, sold, or given away.

    I may have an extra Adriatic JH available later on and will have Excel, and other, cuttings come winter.
    SE PA
    Zone 6


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      Figster where are you located? Are you looking to trade?
      Zone 6a Orange County NY


      • The Figster
        The Figster commented
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        I live on the coast of Connecticut near the Rhode Island boarder. I am in zone 7a and I am looking to trade

      • sal
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        Ok I just wanted to know because I have a Adriatic JH but I'm still not confident enough to send though the mail yet. I was hoping you were closer.

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      As Kelby said the community members are free to ask for or offer cuttings or plants for trade or sale on the board. If they are sales I would ASK that they be set price sales not auctions and there not be 20 of them on the board at once but that is really the only limits.
      Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


      • The Figster
        The Figster commented
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        Thank you for the clarity and insight, I want to follow the board rules and be a good member of Ourfigs

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      I have been interested in this as well since I got the bug this past April. Looking forward to trading this winter. Figster, I am starting 3 JH Adriatic cuttings tonight. If I get 100% rooting, which I am close to getting lately, I would gladly trade one.
      Western Orange County, FL