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  • Emalyns Purple 2015 Main

    This is a three year old tree that was placed in ground in April 2015. I posted in June 2015
    of the only breba I was able to taste. I described that fig as a sweet melon with no seed crunch.
    At that time and also now, I failed to take a pic of the inside. Please forgive me. I also gave
    it an 8 on a 1-10.

    This fig, main crop is the only one I will get to taste this year due to several reasons. The first
    is that the tree only produced three. The second reason is the d--- birds. I am sick of them.
    The taste of this fig had more of a berry flavor and was very pleasantly sweet. There is not
    very much information about this fig. Below is the description from the founder. There are also
    questions about whether it is a smyrna type or not. I have ripened two pretty good figs, one
    a breba and one main crop and they were pretty good. No wasp in Georgia. We gave this fig an 8.

    [A fig] ... which I have named Emalyn's Purple (Emalyn is my wife). EP is a seedling of Negronne. EP may be the best tasting fig I have ever eaten. If not, it's certainly in the top 3. The EP tree is extremely vigorous. It's about 10 years old but was over 20 feet tall. The fruit is slightly larger than average size. It is a globular fruit. It has purple skin and red flesh. Last year the fruit had a few brebas but that was the first year it had ever had brebas. What makes the fruit special is the flavor. When fully ripe, the fruit has an extremely rich and complex flavor, similar to, but better than, its parent. That would be good enough, but when the fruit is not quite ripe, it has an amazing sweet-tart flavor that is unusual but wonderful. "

    HarveyC made this post about it in 2013

    "A friend of mine near Sacramento gave me a cutting of his seedling fig a couple of years ago and I stuck it as a graft on a potted tree since the cutting was somewhat small. I have had this growing in a pot for a couple of years, not knowing where to plant it. He described it very favorably which impressed me as he has a sense of taste which I usually find to be very reliable to my own sense of taste. He was going to cut back his tree last year and wanted to get this more widely distributed and I suggested he send cuttings to Jon but first give it a name and thus it was named as indicated above. I see Jon has a plant for sale now and I encourage others to give it a try."

    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA

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    Jealous. The rains the last few days, blasted open the first of my figs (and reducing the sweetness and jammy texture), and I was so hopeful of some supersweet superripe figs this year. Souring beetles know it's time, and it's back to picking all of these figs at maturity rather than ripeness. That killer breba had really enhanced my anticipation.