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  • Cold hardy fig trees

    What are the best tasting for cold climates?

    I moved to metro Detroit from Los Angeles. I moved maybe 20 fig trees. All my fig trees didn't produce the first year I moved. They also didn't make it through the winter I stored it and watered them and everything but they were unhappy along with my pom trees. The only tree that overwintered was my nectaplum tree. Now I have no fig trees. I decided to wait for my trees to arrive from a purchase I made 2.5 years ago. Unfortunately, that never happened... and now I'm giving up on that purchase.

    So I'm looking to start all over, 0 fig trees in my arsenal. Need recommendations, I plan on moving them into the house over the winter and enjoy jammy varieties.

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    Ugh.. posted in the wrong group. Anyone know how to move this?


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      Welcome to the forum! I moved the thread for you.

      I assume you are going to container grow? Not sure what zone it is. You can grow most varieties except the really long season types in pots.
      SE PA
      Zone 6


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        Hi, Cheekyjen !
        If you live in Detroit, Michigan you have two options. You can plant the plantations in a pot or bring the stem to the ground by covering it each year with insulating material. In both cases I recommend you choose a variety that gives fruit early. It is good the plants to have a weak growth.


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          Welcome to Ourfigs, Cheekyjen! Assume you are in zone 6 Detroit, you can consider one of the dozen of Mt Etna (MBVS, Hardy Chicago etc), Florea/Improved Celeste/Ronde de Bordeaux for their early ripening and cold hardiness and many other varieties that may need a little help to kick start in container in early spring.
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