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  • Pied de Boeuff

    Anyone else growing this one? Would love to hear more about it.

    I received a small tree of this variety as a small rooted cutting as a gift in the fall of 2013, originated from UCD according to the giver. Mine is in the process of dropping all main crop figs this year; it dropped the single main crop fig last year when it was a baby. This thread and the few other mentions on this forum have conflicting reports about it. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it around. There are too many good figs to waste time with one that might never produce.

    There is not much in the Our Figs database.
    Here are the few F4F threads about PdB:




    Thanks for any input!
    SW PA zone 6a

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    I don't remember the specifics, but USDA had it at the tasting at Wolfskill one year ago and I liked it well enough to order cuttings of it the next week.
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      I have a small one from ucd, I hope it doesn't drop all the figs but if it does sometging will takes its place with the quickness!
      Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b


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        A friend had a 6x6 bush in OR. They never took care of it but it produced abundantly. Not a lot of flavor but there's not a lot of sun in OR, either.
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Thanks all, for the help.
          Looks like I have a hard decision to make on this one - give it another year and take up space in storage for the winter and in the driveway in the spring, or cut my losses and use my resources on another type.
          Think I will give it one more year...eternal optimist or something.
          SW PA zone 6a