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  • Mold or something else?

    As my figs ripen, they start to get what looks like mold
    spots? Are they on the tree to long?
    we have been getting a lot of rain.
    so far Hardy Chicago, Takoma Violet have shown this.
    Hermitage, PA

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    Spoiled by rain looks like. When i know there is rain in the forecast for more then a day I will pick what I can before they spoil.
    Iowa Z5


    • Mario
      Mario commented
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      I do same, better throw them away before they spoil and bring bugs and other things

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    Hi Chris
    Yes that is mold on the outside. Lots of rain can definitely contribute to that.
    Are the insides affected also?
    Does it seem to start at the ostiole end on any of them?
    And are you seeing signs of fruit flies around the figs?
    SW PA zone 6a


    • CC 16148
      CC 16148 commented
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      Has not affected the inside, however the inside is
      Mushy. It is around the ostiole end( I had to look that up). No flies that I've seen.
      Taste is about the same.

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    It is mold


    • CC 16148
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      Thanks doc.

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    It’s from all the füçking rain man.. next year will be better Gods Willing


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      Looks like mould to me too.

      I​​​​​ just picked a fig today that had mould on the outer skin and inside the eye. My first time seeing mould on a fig on the tree. The mould was green, patches and spots. I tried cutting it out and eating the rest but the fig tasted a bit off. We recently had rain here too so I think that might have been the cause. Also I have my figs ripening in organza bags so that might contribute to moisture retention too.
      Archie, Downtown Toronto (Zone 6B)