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  • Lemon fignapping

    Examined this Lemon / Blanche fig yesterday, nicked it to see if ripe, decided to give it another day, though worried about critters snatching it overnight. And they did. I thought that since it was up a little in the tree and in a semi-protected place in the front yard that the odds were against fignapping. Not so.
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    Tony WV 6b

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    There is an old saying, "wishful thinking more often than not leads to disappointment".
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


    • mountainfigs
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      That ambush sets the precedent for that spot. Hadn't had a fig taken from there before. Learned a lesson, with more to come no doubt.

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    Dang! Looks like I left a little of the neck on there in my haste. Next time I'll take a little bigger bite.
    Calvin, Wish list is to finish working on the new house, someday.
    Bored? Grab a rake, paint roller, or a cordless drill and come over!


    • mountainfigs
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      Mock on! Mock on! false modesty from the safety of the woods. You got all the good stuff that there was to get and we all know it.

      I'll take solace in the fact that growing figs is a marathon and not a late night sprint. At least to those of us not born of fur and fangs in a hollow log. Enjoy sleeping with ants!

    • cis4elk
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      LOL! I feel ya, I really do. I dread the day the Colorado squirrels figure out what figs are.