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  • My first air layer - with a twist

    On August 9th I cut my first air-layer on to a CdDN. I used the preferred method of removing a 2" collar except for leaving a 1/4 " wide band of cambium joining tip of plant to roots of plant. All faces of the cut received a gentle application of rooting hormone and where then covered and wrapped. Most of the leafs where removed on the tip and the joint covered in foil.

    Today August 24th I inspected the joint and found strong establishment of initials!
    In 13 days this plant has shown vigorous root growth and I feel it is due to the retention of the band of cambium. The shoot is able to receive some nutrient from the plant and stress is greatly reduced.

    I have re-wrapped the joint and look forward to having a rooted CdDN to trade this fall!

    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 5 photos.

    Really happy with what I have.

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    Very nice roots started there. Congratulations!
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    • The Figster
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      As Elvis would say...Thank you very much

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    Good job.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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      Air layer is for sure the way to go. My first wad a great success as well, the removed portion never showed and stress, didn't even loose it's figs.

      Great job! !!
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        Thanks for sharing the photos and info.

        Did you remove most of the leaves above the air layer?
        If you did it will actually slow down root production because the sugars that are produced in the leaves actually help create the new roots.

        A complete girdle also increases root production of the air layer because it breaks the cytokinins (root produced hormones) signals from the roots and the auxins that are produced in the apical tip signals the production of roots at the top of the girdle. The flow of Auxins is downwards while the flow of Cytokinins is upwards.
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          Pete, thank you for sharing your wisdom,

          I always thought that a completely severed cambium layer with intact leafs above increased dessication and stress. Removing a few leafs helps the tip stay hydrated and the strap connecting the cambium also reduced stress.

          Are my results normal? initials in 14 days?

          I thought I had something special to share.


          Really happy with what I have.


          • AscPete
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            You're welcome...
            Water transport takes place in the zylem and phloem which are not damaged by girdling.
            Yes, when girdled and treated with hormone fig tree root initial can develop in several days.
            Thanks again for sharing your info, it is how we benefit as a forum community.
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