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  • One Doctor's take on fresh figs

    Thought this was interesting to see , one doctors nutritional take on fresh figs and encouragement to grow your own.
    Wonder if he has been to Bills fig festival there in NJ.
    Kerry - NH zone 5

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    "There are about 60 different varieties of figs grown throughout the United States today."

    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


    • DBJohnson
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      Obviously, he's never looked at the varieties list here....

    • newnandawg
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    Boy howdy , you guys are tough customers !
    I was really interested in how he talked about the nutritional benefits so clearly.
    And I was impressed that he said 60 instead of 5 or 10.
    Kerry - NH zone 5


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      It was exciting to see Dr. Furhman come out in support of fresh figs and their health properties even if his experience growing them is limited. I’ve watched him on PBS, read most of his books and have tried to follow his diet suggestions for a number of years now. In the article he even talks about growing your own fig trees in pots from cuttings. Great article! Thanks for posting the link to it. I rushed here to post it, but you were ahead of me.
      Mara, Southern California,
      Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?


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        Kerry, thanks for posting the link to this article. I enjoyed reading it.
        Shailesh, Pennsylvania, ZONE 6B