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  • Celeste fig

    Celeste has a standard fig taste. It was not superior but still pretty good
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    I think what you have there is LSU Purple. Not Celeste.

    A Celeste will be very red inside, and usually much lighter in color on the outside.
    North East, OK - zone 7a/6b
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      You are right! Celeste Interior color should be red. Dang, I thought it is from Celeste tree.


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        Apparently the LSU Purple needs maximum time on the tree to become a great tasting fig. If you have more leave them hanging as long as possible to see if they improve. Others say they need a few years of growing to improve, too.
        Nashville, TN Area - Zone 7A
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        • CliffH
          CliffH commented
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          I think that the key to LSU Purple is that it gets enough heat, sunshine, and controlling the water. As stated the proper level of ripeness is very important too. I've had wonderfully delicious LSU Purple figs on first year trees.

        • drewk
          drewk commented
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          The only LSU Purple I ever tried was this year and it was said to be a VdB. I was very shocked when I cut it open and saw the light interior.

          It definitely didnt have that berry taste a VdB has, but was good as well.

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        I agree,the OP is an LSU Purple...

        This is typical Celeste...

        Celeste type figs vary from tan to brown exterior, closed eyes with pink to strawberry colored interiors, when fully ripe they are reminiscent of palm dates with a sweet light brown sugar flavor...
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


        • Fig-Doctor
          Fig-Doctor commented
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          Yep, Yours is Celeste