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  • Favorite addictive tasting figs?

    What variety of fig has such an amazing flavor you are addicted? It goes beyond the classification of “excellent” or “favorite” to an obsession. They are your personal “Holy Grail” of figs? Productivity is unimportant here. This tree is so unique and amazing it might only produce one fig a year but it is still a keeper. Perhaps it’s an easy to find one like a Celeste or a Hollier. Or perhaps a sought after exotic like Black Madeira or Galicia Negra. What is it about their flavor that makes them so special?
    Mara, Southern California,
    Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?

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    I don't have a ton of varieties, but I always praise Preto as my golden child.
    Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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      Figo Preto has been a slow grower for me from cutting this year. I expect she will make up for lost time next year and hopefully reward me with some figs.

      I'm to new to figs to even know what I like so far other than all of them.
      Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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        Thanks for your response, Frank and Scott. My Figo Pretos from cuttings this year are creeping along also, but one has one tiny fig on it. I probably should take it off, but am curious to see it develop. It doesn't seem to be growing any slower than the tree that doesn't have a fig.
        Mara, Southern California,
        Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?


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          There are certain figs that have something extra that makes you go "wow!". I'm not sure it's something you can actually taste. Some varieties have it in some figs but not others. Panache is the most consistent in that regard as long as it's fully ripe off the tree.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            There was ample fig tasting at Gary's figganza yesterday, and we got to taste many varieties that I'd only heard about before. I haven't tried too many varieties previously, so take it with a grain of salt!

            In my opinion, Galicia Negra, Zidi (needs wasp), Pastilliere, Col de Dame anything (noir > blanc > gris, based on the slices I sampled) were definitely worthy of obsessing over. Emalyn's Purple was another group favorite though I think my sample might have been a little fermented/spoiled. In the great but not obsessing over category: Italian 376 was also great, as were a few others like DFIC 0023, Maroc Alto 23, Socorro Black, and Beale.

            A couple others that I'd heard very good things about were apparently not representative at this tasting. Grise de St. Jean was watery and not too flavorful, Black Madeira was good but not the "hold onto your fence" good, at least for me with the sample I tried. But there's all the variation caused from fig-to-fig/tree-to-tree/seasonal/age/climate/personal taste to factor in.
            Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


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              Strawberry Verte and Unk. Pastilliere, win the prizes for 3 years in a row in the taste and productivity. Panachee is superb but not too productive.
              The UP has a taste of a bing cherry
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