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  • Malta Black vs Hardy Chicago: a matchup of champions

    There's been some talk as to whether or not Malta Black is a Mt Etna type. Herman2 just adressed it on f4f. I picked these this morning for comparison. Both have had nearly identical care this year, except Malta Black may get a little more sun. Malta Black fruits have been consistently larger and started ripening a good 2-3 weeks sooner (sun may be partially the cause of earlier ripening). Malta Black also has thicker skin. Flavor is similar in the dark berry group, but Malta Black can have a little more acid, especially if picked early it is almost citruslike. Both are delicious and recommended!

    Hardy Chicago is on the left, Malta Black on the right.
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    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    Thanks for the comparison Kelby! I think this would be a good one for us northern growers for sure especially for in-ground planting since its able to produce fruit even after complete dieback as noted in Herman2's observations.
    London, ON, Canada zone 6a


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      All Mt Etna fruits typically vary from year to year, season to season, day to day. This is not remotely a uniform looking fruit, unlike some cultivars.

      Herman2's Malta Black appears to be situated in a much better draining location in his yard than his other trees which could account for, and probably does, all of the differences he describes.
      Tony WV 6b