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  • OT My Heart Adventure

    Copy/Pasted from my facebook notes, 9/02/15. This is a true story I'm still recovering from:

    Wow, it seems like just yesterday I was laying on a table with a tiny tube being expertly guided through my arteries. It was just yesterday!

    Sunday, 8/30/15 after church, around 9:00 pm, I was sitting in this very spot at the computer and it just hit me out of the blue.

    Shortness of breath, at first. Had a couple of those earlier in the day but we're getting older and it just didn't seem that much out of place and went away quickly upon resting.

    This time it was here to stay awhile and just didn't seem right. I got up and went to the living room where Mit was watching TV and I told her I felt like I just wasn't getting enough air. Walked around with my arms raised up and breathing deep. It kind of got better and I went to lay down in bed.

    Laid there, still breathing deep and here comes this burning feeling I would not describe as pain but rather like a burning calf muscle after a long run or exercise. Remember football practice calf-raises? That's the one. Burning all around my chest area and sweating.

    This isn't right was the thought, so I got out of bed to have Mit check my blood pressure. I think it was 194/130. That can't be right, check it again. I don't remember the next few but each BP check was better that the last as I sat there, breathing deeply and talking it away in my mind. Just go away! Leave me alone. Mit wanting to take me to the ER at that point, me in denial...

    Felt pretty good once again and went back to lay down in bed. About the time I stretched out... "Hey I'm back!!!" The burn was back worse than before and lack of air,my lungs felt as though I had been under water for several minutes. Down my left shot a pain, followed by numbness. Okay, this is bad. I can't feel my own heart beating, no pulse anywhere.

    I get up and somehow get back to the living room. Yes, I need to goto the ER. Knowing me, she knew I was in bad shape to even think such a thing. No doctors, no hospitals, I can't stand either of them. I would rather just die and go be with the Lord than go to the hospital. Yes, I had thought and said that several times.

    I knew it. I was dying but didn't say it to her, just lets go up there and get checked out. No need to get excited, don't get a speeding ticket. "Hurry" was actually my thought.

    Not one red light, not one car in our way, not too awfull much over the speed limit lol. We got there in about 20 minutes. My symptoms had actually mostly went away with just a slight bit still nagging. Mit wrote "shortness of breath and numbness in arm" on the green paper and they immediately took me into that room and put me in a chair and went to work.

    I must have told the same story to a dozen people over the next several hours to the point of wanting to be a butt head and tell them to find/read the chart. They wanted to admit me into a room and do a stress test the next day. Ok. I didn't want to go through all that again at home. Scary stuff.

    You don't get any rest in the hospital as a possible heart attack patient. They come in every so often, even sooner than that, to do whatever and ask you the same thing you told them already a hundred times it seems. Ready for morning to come and get it over with. Wondering just what really had happened. What was that? Remembering things from the past days and trying to deny all of it.

    I'm in fairly good shape for the age, so they say. I eat pretty good, so I think, why is this happening to me? It happens to old, out of shape people,not me. Why had I kept seeing that ad on facebook about "heart attack warning signs" that got on my nerves? I'm not supposed to be here.

    Ok Mr. Little, do you know what we're going to do? Me:"Run ten miles on that treadmill?" Not quite, we're going to give you this chemical. It's going to tell your brain and heart that you ran ten miles on that treadmill and we're going to record the results, you ready? Yes. Hello chemical!!! Hello last night...all over again but not as bad.

    Mr. Little you failed the stress test. I'm pretty sure, according to the results of that test, you have blockage in the lower right chamber of your heart and we want to go in with a heart cath through your wrist and have a look around. If we do find blockage, we can fix it while we're in there. Ok let's gitter done doc.

    Hospital time. It's a merciless thing you can't change, manipulate to your schedule or preference or liking. You just have to go with it. The time finally came and I was laid onto a table with five technicians around, prepping me for the procedure. Not fun but not overly bad, except for the shaving of the spot for "Plan B", if they weren't able to go in through the wrist. I wasn't able to see but felt it rather well. A cuss word thought for the person doing the dry shave in my groin area and I will kick your butt later, that's a promise! Out go the lights, see ya!

    Mr. Little, how are you feeling? Ummm, I'm not feeling, thank you. Are you the one who dry shaved my groin? We're all finished and will take you to recovery in just a few minutes. Everything went well. Ok.

    Dr. enters room later... Mr. Little, I really like situations like yours. We placed two stints. One artery was 99% blocked and another around 80%. You are going to feel like a different person and it's a very good thing you got to us when you did. Thank you Doc.

    A true story to the best of my memory. Nearly died a few days ago, today am alive and well with only a little cut on my wrist and no pain whatsoever. I'm blessed beyone measure. No amount of money can buy life, yet I have been given another chance at it.

    If you ever have the feeling of tight skin like being pumped up from a workout, yet you haven'tworked out, have the feeling of not getting enough air, any feeling of burning, pain or numbness in your arms,legs or anywhere, get to your doctor or to the ER as quick as you can. It might be your only warning before the big one. You don't want heart damage.

    I truly thought I was ready to go be with The Lord. Anytime! I would say. It has to be better than here. When the reality of actually maybe dying knocks on your door, or at least when it did on my door, all that ready to die went out the door! I'm not reay to die. I want to live as long as I can and spend time with people who love me, my wife, children and grandchildren. My day to meet the Lord will come, but not yesterday.

    You only have one heart, take care of it as best you are able. Live, laugh, love.

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    That was quite an experience. It was really good that you got the medical care that you needed. I hope things continue to go well for you. Thanks for the advise on symptoms of a heart attack.
    Jennings, Southwest Louisiana, Zone 9a


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      Wow. Take care of yourself.
      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Good for you that you caught this when you did. You will feel like a new person now.

        This happened to me two year past, only the blockage is in my neck arteries and one heart artery. Now I am on pills to help regulate heart beat and blood flow, to control colestrol and to control type 2 diabetes. Thanks to modern medicine I feel great at 72.

        You'll do great now. Listen to your doctors and control your diet and continue to exercise.
        Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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          I'm glad you were able to get it fixed in time. I'm also glad they were able to take care of it through your wrist. Thankfully, you didn't have to post pics of plan B.
          Littleton, CO (zone 5b) - In Containers
          N.E. of Austin, TX (zone 8b)- In Ground.


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            Charlie, you stared it in the eye. Glad you're better.
            Amazing how fleeting life really is...


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              Glad you are feeling better, albeit a bit breezy
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                Glad to hear that you did not wait too long, Charlie. Too many people stay in denial.
                Hope that your doctor has talked to you about prevention of future vascular disease.
                SW PA zone 6a


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                  Charlie, so glad you are here to tell your story. Thank you for expressing the symptoms you felt. As a 67 year old man, you wonder about each twitch or heart burn. You never know. Thanks again.
                  Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a


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                    Thanks Charlie, I love stories with happy endings. Continued blessings to you and your family.
                    Gary USDA 9A
                    Sebastopol, CA


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                      I'm glad you're still with us. It's a good lesson in not being stubborn
                      Bob C.
                      Kansas City, MO Z6


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                        What an experience...I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. Scary stuff!
                        Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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                          I have a childhood friend with the same thing going on. Thank goodness you had the courage to admit it.


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                            Charlie, thank you so much for this post. You probably don't realize it, but you have probably saved someone's life in the future. Your symptoms were classic and they were different. The main thing for everyone else. Be safe, not sorry. Go to the hospital when you feel in distress. Don't wait until too late and severe damage has been done. It has nothing to do with shaking it off.....everything to do with spending the future with your loved ones. I would council everyone to learn the signs of a stroke also. Getting to the hospital quickly is the key to making it. Been there, done that. Woke up one morning and could not move my left leg.....kinda like a floppy fish, just dangling down. Husband put bath robe on me and carried me to the car for the short drive over. Since he called them from the car, they were waiting and I was rushed in and treatment began immediately. A couple days later I was able to go back home and with physical therapy and medication only a numb spot remains. Good luck for your future health.