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  • Happy Labor Day !!!!

    That is it folks, last chance to enjoy summer have a BBQ and dive into the ocean (if applicable ). Have a great day y'all and time to start planning about storing those babies for the winter,winter cutting propagation etc....

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    Happy labor day to you as well....deer fence up and secure...ready for the fall plantings....

    Thinking about Mike this morning...laying in the hospital....hang in there cousin....
    Ross B. Santa Rosa Calif zone 9b, wish list: CdD Blanc, Igo, Palmata, Sucrette, Morroco, Galicia Negra


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      Happy Labor Day to you too. I have no idea what to do with my figs winter. I acquired 57 varieties this year. No wait none of the Hunt cuttings survived, so 56 varieties. Some are already above my shoulders in pots.

      I have pondered the idea of putting as many as will fit in the bottom of a # 18,000 or 10, 000 nursery pot then filling with cedar mulch I make here on the place. After the pot is filled, mulch can be placed around the outside up to just above the rim then hope for the best.
      Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b