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  • Bifara vs. unifera ?

    I want to clarify for myself, what is the difference between the bifara and unifera varieties?

    I searched online and found that
    .. common figs can be bifara or unifera (bifara produce two crops and unifera one crop)

    Are those two crops refer to the main crop or the breba+main?
    For example, the Panachee is classified as a unifera but it produces the breba + main crop figs.
    Just a bit confused here...

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    My understanding is that it refers to main crop only (unifera) or breba+main (bifara).

    As far as Panache, I don't believe it produces a breba for most people but some have reported that it does. Maybe there is a chance for brebas in warmer locations? I don't know...
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      Igor, it is clear to me that some varieties classified as Unifera will occasionally produce a breba. That does not make it a bifera. Panachee appears to be such a fig. Others that are called bifera, eg White Genoa, have never produced a breba for me. So yes, there is some grey area there. But if a respected grower like Baud or Pons calls a Panachee Unifere, well, we probably shouldn't argue with the classification.
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