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  • Conadria fig going dormant already?

    Hello all.. Well.. I've been at it again.. Ordered yet ANOTHER fig tree lol, this time it was EL's Conadria (3 inch pot). It arrived yesterday and I was 1st struck by the size of this guy in such a teeny pot.. The leaves were a lil crunchy looking, but I've seen that in other trees that arrived via "the big brown box" so I'm not too concerned about that.. However the card that came with the shipment stated tree was already beginning to go dormant. I found that to be odd since EL is south of me in zone 7A, and we haven't had anything below 58 degrees here in the dead of night. Am I mistaken in my thinking that it needs to be quite a bit colder than that to trigger dormancy? I'm just a bit concerned, because if this variety normally goes dormant in early September in zone 7A, when will it go dormant here further north? And more to the point, will I ever get to eat a tasty fig from it if it goes to sleep so early in the season?

    Anyway before I noticed it was entering dormancy, I up-potted it to a much bigger pot, because the poor thing looked like it was about to topple over being way too tall and top heavy for the tiny pot it was in. Now I'm afraid I may have done a bad thing because I watered it and gave it all this room to grow just as it was trying to get ready for the upcoming winter..

    What do you guys think? By the way, root system was VERY SMALL.. I expected it to be potbound bit it wasn't at all. Sparse brownish roots.. Didn't nearly fill the tiny container it was in.. I've attached some pics, before & after I potted it..
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    It's hard to tell from the pics, it does not look like the tree is going dormant. This has come up before, it just may be a standard insert they put in there shipments. I would have potted it up as well then treat it like the treat of my figs.

    Since the root system is small, I would give it a bit of extra water so that it does not dry out. Just don't over do it.
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      yep...up-pot and water....stand it in water for a day or 2 after up-potting..

      my 3 gallon modified sip's are drinking 1 gallon a day now...and a little bit more

      brownish roots don't sound good
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