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  • Is this Red Lebanese (Bekaa)?

    I got this variety as a cutting from a generous forum member. He said it was "Lebanese Red" but wasn't sure if it is the Lebanese Red from Bass or the one from Marius which is now called "Red Lebanese (Bekaa)". He said he got it as a cutting from someone named "Rich" at a fig event that was hosted at Tim Drag's place in NJ in the summer of 2013. A few weeks ago I brought a couple figs for Bass to try (and we compared to his LR) and clearly it is not the LR from Bass. So if anyone out there is growing the Red Lebanese (Bekaa) from Marius could you let me know whether you think this is it? Or if you are the "Rich" that has this variety could you chime in? It has been one of my better figs this year and I would like to get a positive identification. Thanks!
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    I said, "I'm not getting off of the couch for the rest of the night" but it was still daylight (barely) so I went out to take pictures. You're good for my heart!
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Name:	3Gtb1UMng5IHY9M-CV1ocx07uhuU9mcBnjZrQ1YxID4j8Crne0JIhKFtrmQRm2Yc_h_HdpfBlwFu69Jv2nSittuQiz2rk0vBDEfUAWCcCAzsk5SW_sJTC2aWYGUSSNVC3TpveL3IjyBW5iLNvjYYhOQPsozqCP2lFB7JgmUG67zXUeiH-dXxSQp1zbstOo4kSTRXxAYD9QQVXOve5j5b-3sY4otSXCLw9kOUv07RE_RNJYigFQjaD9iy7l6ZOVC
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Name:	RPNSfl7zNkNUfgx2qGY3WX9uq8wl4eI1lW15eXGAdAG8jjQlw5gu9w9w0NyPBkqAAltGSftilUWTNB5JzoS2X3tuR0a5JGYobixSzZBbI6mE6q9HHjNaggSo19PaZND71JZYQfjNSQ-bNqstmPGMMkIsgSxhL298Yi_XOR5BoC02Ix55C_92HauDpY0Pf28n93XbIGj_F9h3KUB_gstN6NCfy2buuvgyl4aeuqa5dEg72_c2voYACa5M6nmpo8T
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Name:	UkseXMwuE-hvwamnLdP5a2Hpw3ntwLCpABE1MALzotRUiUrhLwedkNGZoDmoTSK8C1Di_RzW9hTBt7eFw8OaF3K_kfs3aj6WJfIfEgHoa23d9RZ8PKR5L56x00agitUIXyItaKGo2H9M7jCSnoJj_EsaF2BBdvxOIha4FDFIoBdzrXxGKFCy-hz0BpD8kuxBCVTXgVmn1C53ClrEzUVyklzA6F_ShFl2-CIrHLCccyT33hJK9yWHcpKMrN2Mdpx
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