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  • Interesting recipe idea

    Here is a new recipe idea that sounds interesting to me, so thought I'd share it with my fellow fig fans. Fig LEAF Gelato. Yes, made by steeping fig leaves in milk. A nice fig flavored dessert, but you don't have to sacrifice those precious figs! I'm going to give this one a try because I have plenty of leaves...

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    Sounds very nice, I picked off a few leaves which were shading fruit I HOPE ripens before frost, and put them in to dry for tea. I enjoyed making tea with fig leaves after last season, and want to have more this time around. I may also try pickling some to use as wraps for savory dishes, like grilled salmon, dolmas, etc. Since most of my young trees made just leaves this year, I might as well get the most I can from them... some other interesting recipes linked in this thread-
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