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  • 2015/2016 Trade/Wish List for all members to post their lists.

    I have a mature in ground White Texas Everbearing fig tree measuring 15 feet dia x 12 feet high. It is growing wild. I plan to prune it back by about 1/3 in Jan Feb time frame, sooner if we have a cold Dec. There will be cuttings available at that time for shipping cost or trade.

    Would prefer trades for varieties I don't already have but am open to any and all trades, just pm me.

    This is my first year collecting figs so plants are small. A few have figs that probably will not ripen. Next year should have figs so identity can be verified for trading or sales purposes.

    Edited for clarification: Only WTE will be available this year. In all fairness most of my other plants are small and have not fruited so I can not verify they are true to name. This should happen next season. I posted my list so folks, if so inclined, wanted to offer something for trade it could be something I don't already have. Sorry if I missled folks into thinking my list was for trade at this time.

    Here is a list of what I am currently growing:
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    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    For your first year, you've been real, real busy.....Very nice!!!!!
    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

    “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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      Hehe, I thought I was doing pretty good for my first year but I don't even have half of that. Nice list.
      Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Zaffiro, Moro de Caneva, Nerucciolo d'Elba, Bordissot Blanca Negra


      • Rafaelissimmo
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        I have an extra green ischia, you want to make an offer? Small bush in 5 gal bucket

      • brettjm
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        Differences in climate blow my mind. Walmart sells 'ischia' which is a presumed ischia green for 9 bucks here in the spring. Crazy. Its a shame that the nurseries supplying big box stores are limited to such...i don't want to say 'crap' but you get my gist...varieties. I can go to any store down here and buy a hardy chicago, celeste, or brown turkey. Occasionally a Magnolia/ischia green/black mission pop up. Still, seems so limited. How are quality cold hardy figs like MBVS or Ischia green for that matter not everywhere by now?

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      I'd be happy to purchase air layer plants or cuttings. I do also have access to a few figs if anyone is interested in trade. I can provide cuttings of: Long yellow, Purple Smyrna, Mary Lane, Trojano and Stella. Please do contact me privately if you have any of the figs on my list for sale or trade....and you are willing to ship to California
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      Adam Vista, CA 9b


      • AdamD123
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        Hmm...I forgot what I asked for now....currently looking for Noire de Barbentane and Cavaliere.
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      This is also my first year so I'm just getting started. I do have some small trees and air layers going now. I would pay shipping and reimburse someone for taking the time to mail them out to me. This is my list:

      I would like to thank everyone here for been so nice and helpful.
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      Kentucky Zone 6b


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        Well, I've only been into figs since first part of July...so don't have any big enough to take cuttings yet. That being said, I'm more than willing to reimburse for time and postage for cuttings of cultivars I'm interested in.

        Have list:
        Brown Turkey
        LSU Scott's Black
        LSU Purple
        LSU Champagne
        UNK Yellow Greek
        UNK Ocracoke Pound
        UNK Ocracoke Blanche Howard
        Ronde de Bordeaux
        UNK family heirloom

        Have cuttings that will (hopefully) be rooted this winter:
        Hardy Chicago
        Lyndhurst White
        Maltese Falcon
        Green Ischia
        Adriatic JH

        Wish List:
        UNK Bryant Dark
        (still figuring out what I want)
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        Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


        • SarinaP
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          FYI, I just got an Olympian rooted cutting from Hirt's for $10 and it had lots of little leaves and looks very healthy.

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        My wishlist got an update after going to Gary's figganza.

        1. Galicia Negra
        2. Beall
        3. Figo Preto
        4. Emalyn's Purple
        5. Martinenca Rimada (or any Rimada)
        6. Italian 258

        Cuttings that didn't survive the heat waves:
        7. Valle Negra
        8. Takoma Violet
        9. Carini Unknown
        10. Italian 376
        11. Aubique Petite

        I have some spare successfully rooted cuttings from earlier this year - mostly MBVS, Italian Black (Becnel's) and 1 pretty large Kathleen's Black in 1-gallon pots. My trees are all pretty young but I'll be pruning most of them this winter. If you're looking to trade, these are the ones that look like they'll need at least a little pruning:

        Smith, Panache, White Genoa, Black Mission, Flanders, Petite Negra, Olympian, Desert King, Peter's Honey, Violet de Bordeaux, Nero 600m, Adriatic strawberry fig unknown, Adriatic JH, Bourjasotte Grise, Noire de Caromb, Kathleen's Black, Strawberry Verte, Black Madeira, Smith, Excel, Pastilliere, Hardy Chicago, Nordland Bergfeige, Osborne Prolific, Longue d'Aout, El Molino, Red Israel, Ronde de Bordeaux, LSU Hollier, Marseilles Black VS, Raspberry Latte, Kadota, Sultane
        Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


        • Sarahkt
          Sarahkt commented
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          Too late to edit post, so here's an update:

          1. Galicia Negra
          2. CdDB
          3. Figo Preto
          4. Emalyn's Purple
          5. Martinenca Rimada (or any Rimada)
          6. Italian 258

          Cuttings that didn't survive the heat waves:
          7. Valle Negra
          8. Italian 376
          8. Aubique Petite

          Beall - won this in the cuttings auction, thanks!
          Takoma Violet - arranged to trade cuttings, thanks
          Carini Unknown - arranged to trade cuttings, thanks

        • Sarahkt
          Sarahkt commented
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          Update - what's left on my wishlist is on the level of the unicorn:

          1. Galicia Negra - have one cutting left rooting, maybe. If anyone just wants to trade for a GN layer next spring and put me out of my misery, would be AWESOME. I have at least a few varieties of comparable stature that I could layer in return...
          2. Italian 258
          3. Martinenca Rimada
          4. Emalyn's Purple
          5. Socorro Black
          6. Ponte Tresa - looks beautiful and tasty, and at its current eBay price I can only hope to trade for it

          Cuttings that didn't survive the heat waves:
          7. Valle Negra - trading for a layer, thanks!
          8. Italian 376 - may get a spare 1-gal from a fellow CA member, thanks!
          9. Aubique Petite
          10. Black Triana
          11. Unk. Attilio Green

          Beall - won this in the cuttings auction, thanks!
          Takoma Violet - arranged to trade cuttings, thanks
          Carini Unknown - arranged to trade cuttings, thanks
          CdDB - promised from a fellow CA member, thanks!
          Figo Preto - tree traded for, thanks!

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        I don't know how I missed this given this fig fever affliction I've come down so hard with lol, but I'm here to correct myself!

        So I've only been growing figs since late June, and I have not yet had the chance to taste even one to be able to confirm the variety.. However there are a few on my list that I'm pretty darn certain of due to the source (which I will place an asterisk next to). Also many are very small but if I could possibly squeeze a cutting out of one that someone would like to trade on I will do my best.. BUT I would be more than happy (and REALLY GRATEFUL) to pay the cost of shipping & for your time etc if you happen to have any on my wishlist that you could spare & I don't currently have one to trade that you are looking for.

        Without further adieu:
        Growing: CH, Celeste (also have many small rooted cuttings but unconfirmed variety), *S Verte, *Vbd, Rdb, Cddn (rooted cutting), *Bronze Paradiso (very young),* Brogiotto Nero (also young), *MBVS, * Makedonia Dark, Blk Greek (rooted cutting), *Conandria

        Atreano, Paradiso Blanc, Kathleen's Black, Cddg, Cddb, DK, Longue D'Aout, Sultane, Panache, Brooklyn white, Black Bethlehem, Figo Preto, Genovese Nero (gotta dream big lol) & any others that would do well in Zone 6a that I don't know of yet

        So there it is.. This is where my fig sickness has taken me.. And I LOVE IT! Lol! Hoping to add many more to my "currently growing" list for next year so I will be able to spread more fig love around too.. Thanks for reading
        My Plant Inventory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...HZcBjcsxMwQ7iY

        Rooted Cuttings Available 2021:


        • Sarahkt
          Sarahkt commented
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          Haha, welcome to the club!

          Nice wishlist. I have Panache cuttings (or will, once the trees go fully dormant) and a very handsome Kathleen's Black in a 1-gal, feel free to PM me if you're interested.

        • Jamie0507
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          That sounds awesome Sarahkt! I will definitely be PMing you here shortly Thanks for the welcome too, I'm really loving this forum!

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        I have some air layers and cuttings up for trade to try and get a few varieties off my wish list. I've bought some off my wish list above so it has changed now. This is what I have for trade if you are interested just send me a PM thanks..

        Air Layer: Sals EL, Kadota, LSU Purple, Lsu Hollier

        Cuttings: Hardy Chicago, Celeste, Lsu Purple, Brown Turkey, RDB

        Wish List: Adriatic JH, LSU Scotts Black, St. Rita, Takoma Violet, Stella, Black Bethlehem, Black Ischia, Cajun Gold

        Dream List: I258, Figo Preto
        Kentucky Zone 6b


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          Kentucky Zone 6b


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            I'm still new to figs so I don't have anything to trade this year, but if anyone is selling the following varieties I'd be more than happy to buy them from you, and of course I'd also pay shipping.

            Black Bethlehem
            Brooklyn White


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              Mmmm. Figo Preto. That's pretty much the last one for me. Maybe Col de dame or Kathleen's black? Naw...probably just Figo Preto. I've wanted it since I joined the forums...when Black Madeira was still more popular. I think Preto is probably more sought after than BMad now. I feel like I've amassed a nice collection of figs from each flavor category, but I'm still missing that "exotic" one. I guess I'm short a brooklyn white currently, but I think I'm getting an air layer next year either from Chris or from my S.O.'s parents, who I gifted a tree to this spring, so I'm not too worried about it.

              Don't have anything to trade, cuttings-wise...except some LSU purple I suppose. Nothing fancy. I'm rooting a bunch of cuttings now, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. If all goes well I'll have some spare plants in the spring that I can send for postage to any potential Preto donors out there (Peter's Honey, Atreano, Takoma Violet). If I'm super lucky, I might have a spare white triana or stella, but again with the chickens metaphor...

              So if anyone just has spare Figo Preto cuttings laying around.... Worth a shot I suppose :-P
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              Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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                You know, I thought I was going fig-crazy with all the donated cuttings coming my way plus those cuttings I am buying right now. After seeing what others have, I'm ashamed to say I am still "NORMAL".
                Edward - Edgewater, Florida (Zone 9b)
                Wish List: Holy Smokes, U. Prosciutto, Ham Rham, Labritja


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                  wishlist: sanguinato ( super rare greek )and Planera ( mp )


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                    Any of Andreas' figs.


                    • eboone
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                      Yes but you might need his climate to make them look and taste that great

                    • m5allen
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                      Might need the wasp as well. But I would be willing to at least try and make them look as good as his.

                      I think he uses some special Greek photoshop program to make his figs look extra juicy.

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                    I am looking for Sal's El, Smith, Black Bethlehem, Schar Amber, Brown Greek, Florea, Pan e Vino, Schar Italian, Lebanese Red, and Vista. My figs are new trees, but I could trade two cuttings of Hollier, Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry starts ( they produce up to thirty pounds of fruit from each plant), or heirloom apple scionwood.