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  • A Goodebay Seller

    This year I bought many fig cuttings and plants from a good many ebay sellers. They were all good experiences. The one purchase I was worried the most about, mainly because of the cost, was from cgudech_kcxupyxvd who goes by cdeguida4 on the forums. The large multi-branched tree mailed on Monday and arrived Thursday by Fedx in perfect condition. Great transaction. Thanks Chris.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    That Ebay name would scare me too Just because I am curious, what variety was it, if you don't mind my being nosy.


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      thank you Jerry! hope your new tree brings you lots of great figs! the shipping place was very impressed with the supports I put around pots since it was so large, I got the good job thumbs up from them lol.

      Wills it was an automatic name Ebay gave me when I was signing up and I wasn't picky to change it. The Brogiotto Nero is doing great BTW
      Chris NE Philadelphia


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        Chris, I was amazed at the size caliper of this Galicia Negra as well as the massive root system. It is going to drink and rest in semi-shade for a week before going into the ground. Thanks

        Good luck with your future ebay sales.
        Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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          keep me updated very interested to see how it does in the ground. mine has been a very aggressive grower in a large pot, it will be very happy with southern heat.
          Chris NE Philadelphia