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  • OT: Vacation Pitahay

    packed my fig tools for a sanibel vacation. Found no fig trees but in driving down the road to the condo, I spotted in a uninhabited area some flowers hanging down out of the trees. They were 8-10 inches long, feathery and light yellow. Of course i pulled the truck over, grabbed my tools and waded through some foot long grass. Ah caramba. Pitahay. I cut four nice long sections. Have potted them and it looks like yellow fruit forming at the end of the flowers. Weather was rainy, no good sea shells but fun and a nice plant for a memento.

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    I really want a yellow selenicereus megalanthus but haven't gotten one yet :/ Awesome find I must say. Congratz
    Bryan | Zone 7 NC

    Wish List: Takoma Violet, Kathleen Black, BM, Preto, CdD Grise and Noir, Ventura, Maltese Falcon and Maltese Beauty.