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  • COL. Littman's Black Cross and others

    COL. LIttman's Black Cross my 1st fig ever and I had been impatiently waiting since Newandawg posted on it awhile back. Very good and considering I had 3 inches the day proceeding picking It really held up well with good flavor with only a minimal crack. I hope my tree takes off in vigor and productivity. On the other end of spectrum Osborn Prolific has about worn out my patience This one was probably the best Osborn Prolific I have had over the last couple years and even looked a little non-typical for it. Acciano is a good fig. The Persimmon Is my Giombo Not and I believe is actually one of the Jiro family of sports. My Che is covered this year but not ripe yet as very bland if not fully ripe.
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    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,

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    Weird posting on this agian to see if thread shows up it was posted early this am.. Happened to me last week and thread did not show on forum until i questioned Wills and he posted a follow up
    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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      First I have seen of this thread and a couple of others also.

      Nice pics. Like the persimmons also
      newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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        Very nice Phil, thanks for sharing.