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  • When did ourfigs turn into eBay?

    When did ourfigs turn into eBay? It seems that every couple of days somebody is auctioning off trees on here. As someone who cannot afford to spend $100-500 for a tree, these auctions are to me, useless, and they make this board less attractive.
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    Maybe I missed some auctions, but I have not seen one auction that was held for personal gain. All I have seen were auctions where proceeds went to fund this forum or a Charity. The present auction benefits St. Jude if I am correct, and why would this be a bad thing? Many of us support such Organizations anyway, and does it matter if someone choses to overpay for a tree in support of something they support. You are obviously missing the point if you think the benefit of these auctions is to provide someone the best deal on a tree.
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      Even if it's for charity, it's still an auction. If I wanted to browse auctions, I'd be on eBay. And if I want to give to a charity, I can do it less conspicuously than a forum auction.
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        Here's a novel idea. Don't open and read any forum topic that says auction.


        • Rafaelissimmo
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          Charlie, you took the words right out of my mouth.

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        Pretty simple no one is forcing you to bid on a auction or read a post that you don’t want to. Honestly not following your logic as in your initial post you seem to be complaining the charity auctions bring more than you want to pay for a tree which indicates an interest, and then stating you don’t want to see auctions. It is pretty simple to browse over subject matter that doesn’t interest you. There are Off Topic subjects here yes, most are at least fruit related, and some way off in left field but they personally never bothered me.
        Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


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          Wow. Glad I don't have the Internet Forum Enforcement agent forcing me to look at every thread that doesn't look interesting to me.
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            Once this one is over with I will start another one.
            I don't give two bits about how you feel about it. Enough with this PC bs already. It seems someone is always getting offended or butt hurt over something or everything nowadays. How about you just take a hike?


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              I have a Sunday night football game to attend and enjoy. Go Lions!


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                While I appreciate your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it I would ask you to stop and reexamine your comments. As you i'm sure know I sell figs but I go out of my way not to sell them on the board on a regular basis, in fact to this point 6 months in still have not sold any on here. Now if I was spamming the board with auctions or others were MAYBE it would be a different situation. The last 3 auctions I can recall are:

                1. An auction for cuttings for $2 each which is basically giving them away and far cheaper than Ebay.

                2. An auction to pay the forms hosting tab and the poster of that auction made no money, in fact he lost money as he ate the shipping costs.

                3. An auction 75/25 for Saint Judes and ourfigs.

                Do you really think any of those auctions justifies your thread? Nobody is trying to make themselves rich. You are complaining about people HELPING others, people doing good deeds. Is this really something you feel is wrong? I can understand that the Manressa is HIGH, it is pretty rare. Rafed could have put it on Ebay and made himself a few hundred dollars but instead he is helping the forum and sick kids. Sorry man you are just dead wrong on this one, just my opinion.

                Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


                • rusty hooks
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                  Well put Hefe....

                • awildcatb11
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                  I agree with willisC. If you are offended by these charity auctions turn the page. I love seeing how generous or membership can be!

                • exoticplants1
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                  I agree with willicC and Rafed.Web sites cost $$$ the run and well as helping another human being.Also, If someone does post something about an auction so what. as long as they don't post everytime that they are selling something.

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                i think the auctions are great and much fun. I think helping our fig members get good product from good people is a good thing. If it helps a good cause then that is more good. Get it? Good Good Good on all fronts. More auctions......Yes.


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                  I just wish they were for something I needed/wanted. Can I complain nobody has listed a Rigata del Salento?

                  If there were an abundance of auctions I could see it as a distraction. Demanding zero is unreasonable, IMHO.
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                  • Chrisk
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                    Oops sorry!! I thought you said &quot;ricotta de Sargento&quot;

                  • HarveyC
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                    We're not talking lasagna here!

                  • rusty hooks
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                    Why not....an auction for ricotta, it wouldn't be too far out in left field....more to left center

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                  Very good points Rafed, wills, and everyone else for that matter, I was just about to jump on the "auction bandwagon" to help support this great forum that I love being a part of. So this person complains on a public board about how other people help support the very board he is complaining on, I just want to make sure I understand this completely, lol.
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                    I like this forum because it is ours. I do want so sell some here for profit to help buy more but I apparently like giving them away more as a lot of other members have done. And Figs are about the only hobby that I spend any money on at the present time and I applaud Mr. Always Reasomable (Rafed) for donating this tree. I just hope that more money goes to charity than it would have sold for on eBay.
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                      I'm not sure what the mechanism is for adding "forums", but it seemed the blueberry forum and varieties sub-forum were added with ease. I've always thought a separate area for exchanges (including wish lists, trades, give always, and sales) would be nice.

                      And why the hostility?
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                        Additional sub boards are easy enough to add and perhaps if the selling got to be so frequent the board would scroll fast it could be an option. I like the board visually simple and we are a pretty small community. Things do evolve and options are always open.
                        Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


                        • rusty hooks
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                          hear, hear....again well put

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                        I haven't seen a lot of selling or trading here. I don't really sell at all, although I do offer cuttings for postage. Come winter I may do that here, but only if I felt comfortable doing so here. I hope I won't raise anyone's hackles if I offer cuttings to the good folks on this forum.
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                          Your cuttings are MOST WELCOME! !!!

                          We are honored that you do such! !!

                          Anyone that has a problem with that and all of this for that matter is obviously in the wrong place.... or was just having one heck of a bad day.
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                            This is just my opinion. And only an opinion.
                            If we are going to sell things here the least we can do is offer a small percentage to the forum to help with the operating costs.


                            • COGardener
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                              We had discussed donating a percentage to Wills previously. Some members will, some members will some of the time others won't. For those whom choose to it is greatly appreciated yet not by any means a requirement nor is it expected.

                            • Rafed
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                              Somehow I missed that topic.


                            • GreenFin
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                              My thinking is that we should always do something in return, so either selling at market-ish value and donating a % or selling at a deep discount to hook up members and grow the board. Directly giving Wills cash is one way to benefit him, but giveaways and offers of cheap cuttings also enhance the board, and so they benefit him, too. I had considered a 3rd option of doing both (i.e. selling for peanuts and then donating a % of those peanuts), but that seemed like overkill. I'm still open to doing both, though, and your comment has me reconsidering my thinking and wondering if I maybe wronged or at least 'insufficiently righted' Wills.

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                            OH shoot, I missed the cutting auction
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                              I love when people whine about getting something for free!