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  • Guerilla gardening

    I often think of planting fig trees in public places like street medians or parks.
    Coastal NC, humid 8A

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    Add long as no one bothers it and let's it grow, that would fun and rewarding for many.

    Just don't post exactly where, someone might follow you around and get a new tree.
    Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

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      I've daydreamed about randomly planting a fruit tree in a public space. We've got wooded public land near our house, and I've wondered if I could get away with strewing a bunch of paw paw seeds to start a patch close to home.

      I have done some minor secret gardening on my yard boundary. For the longest time, my neighbors didn't take care of their yard, so it was an overrun mass of brush invading my yard. I strategically planted some vigorous growing herbal groundcovers, naturalizing flowers and rasperries along the edge of my yard and let it "accidentally" grow into their yard. If anyone asks, the better looking buffer zone that organically grew out of my original planting into their yard was purely coincidence.
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      • Yeehova
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        Editing a comment
        One of my neighbors has a decently lanscaped lawn and another has a completely barren yard with only grass. I wish I could plant something in their yard to break up the monotonous sea of grass, but they would notice instantly. Maybe when my peaches come in next year they will change their mind about what a yard should be.