Please have a look and give your thoughts. On F4F there is mixed opinions of either Olympian or LaRedek EBT. Not saying anyone is wrong but I've looked at just about every pic of those and just get more confused. In my opinion it does favor the LaRedek except for the leaf and most every BT I looked at has a hollow place in the core. On the other hand, it also favors Olympian but it likely would not have been in a nursery those many years ago since it's supposed to be a new release.

This fig is very good to me, sweet, very soft eating and has no seeds and no hollow place in the center. It's just now ripening in West Central Arkansas 7b though the owner said it has ripened earlier in years past. Medium sized, red eye on ripe figs.

Durbrow is the last name of the tree owner. Said he planted it 20 - 25 years ago and it came from a nursery, unlabeled. It has spread along the entire width of this East facing wall by limbs contact with the ground.

I get to help prune this tree come dormant time and will have many cuttings. He tosses them over the fence for brush removal.