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  • Cucurella MP

    Another one that fruited for the first time is Cucurella MP.

    Weighed 34 grams but i was out of coins at that moment so nothing to compare its size to lol.

    Very sweet fig and in fact my best tasting one this year.

    Very promising as it was rooted this winter and only pushed 2 figs on a tiny tree.


    Rotterdam / the Netherlands.
    Zone 8B

  • #2
    Looks very nice. I love the bright green skin on this one...
    Adam Vista, CA 9b


    • #3
      If it was good this year just think of the possibilities next year and the year after that
      Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


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        I'm with wills on that one! Nice!!
        Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b